7mesh’s new Spring 2022 collection

Every cyclist searches for the perfect line, whether that means flowing through loose gravel or railing the apex of a tight corner. It’s the moment when rider and equipment are in perfect harmony.

7mesh has been chasing the same thing since day one: the Perfect Line of apparel to help cyclists flow during every moment they spend in, or out of, the saddle. For Spring 2022, 7mesh is helping find the flow with new choices including reimagined gravel shorts and tees, a lightweight cargo tight for shoulder season epics, and an innovative solution for on-bike jacket storage.

The Glidepath Short has been 7mesh’s do-everything trail solution since its first collection, and this year it has been completely reimagined with four-way stretch mobility, a reshaped gusset for even better fit, and a tapered leg opening.

The Desperado Merino Shirt has been a long-time favourite for its multi-day friendly shape and comfy Merino blend. For 2022, women and men see new Desperado shapes with the lightweight women’s Hoody and 3/4 Shirt, and men’s Long Sleeve Henley and Short Sleeve Tee replacing the original Desperados. Merino fans now have more options whether they’re used for long days in the saddle, shoulder season exploring, or multi-day epics.

Spring and summer are the seasons of colour, and 7mesh has answered the call in bib shorts and cargo bibs for men and women this season. The men’s MK3 Bib and Cargo Bib are offered in a woodsy Thyme, and the women’s WK3 Bib and Cargo Bib in a rich Port. The chamois program is also bolstered with lightweight MK3 and WK3 Cargo Bib Tights for early morning and shoulder season pedalling.

Achieving the perfect line depends on the tiniest of margins, and likewise, attention to every detail in 7mesh products ensures the gear disappears rather than interferes. Like the novel frame attachment straps on the newest Northwoods Windshell for men and women, so riders are never searching for a pocket to stash it as the day warms up.

The Spring 2022 7mesh collection is landing now, ready to help riders spend the warm months ahead exploring open roads, winding trails, and ribbons of gravel that reach the horizon. See the complete collection at www.7mesh.com.

Key Details

  • 7mesh bringing its innovative design and use of fabrics to new road and gravel kit.
  • Long-awaited colored bibs will add some pop to every ride.
  • New overshorts and merino tees are designed for big days in the saddle.
  • Northwoods Windshell jacket features straps for frame carrying.


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