Assos updates its fastest bib shorts with the new Equipe RSR S9 Targa

At Assos we have updated our Equipe RSR Bib Shorts S9 Targa with increased comfort and reduced weight while keeping an eye on aerodynamics. The new bibs are engineered for riders who demand the fastest and lightest equipment, which pushes second-skin aerodynamics.

What’s new?

The Targa version introduces the evolution of Assos kompressor bib shorts, through introducing a proprietary fabric which actively reduces fatigue and increases speed.

Featured fabrics

Our Type.701kompressor is an ultracompressive woven construction that envelops the body, compressing the muscles and leading to a reduction in fatigue and increased speed. Through this foundational redesign of our fastest bib shorts, we have increased comfort and reduced weight, without impacting aerodynamic properties. Ossidia supplements Type.701’s compressive support with targeted stretch in sensitive areas, enabling a true “Superskin” fit.

Targeted increases in stretch and support let us further dial the compression while reducing pressure on sensitive areas, and the new construction dries faster, limiting perspiration’s ability to add weight by soaking into the textiles. It also resists UV rays (UPF 50+) and odor while actively cooling.


As the fastest silhouette in our catalogue, racingFit maximises aerodynamic speed. EQUIPE RSR equipment has a slightly longer leg than bib shorts in our Equipe RS and Mille GT lines.


Our rollBar bib straps, modified ergoBox, and one-piece Butterfly Panel join forces as weight is transferred in the saddle, ensuring frictionless comfort and stability during high-output efforts.

A dual-face carbon material on the X-Frame bib straps reduces drying time compared to the previous, single-sided applications.

The skinGrip Finish combines compressive leg bands and silicone grip to keep the cuffs and leg panels secure, providing compressive support across the thigh with minimal transitional ridges between skin and shorts.

S9 Sundeck Insert

Updates to our S9 Sundeck insert make it lighter with increased cooling, and a minimized footprint.

– The Shock-Absorb Damping System Mono 9 provides compressive foam materials in a 9mm racing platform with 3D Waffle inserts to shed grams and increase airflow. Thermoformed shaping reduces ridges and irritation.
– The whirlKrater, similar to kraterCooler, provides perforations strategically distributed throughout the insert and within the foam layers themselves, creating a whirlwind of cooling airflow.
– Sundeck Superlight is a panel of soft, comfort-focused fabric in front of the insert which increases airflow and eliminates pressure on the most sensitive areas, allowing a more aggressive fit across the shorts.

What are the finer details?

In addition to the new features above, these shorts incorporate our goldenGate technology, used throughout our collections. A stitching pattern anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the insert to move with the body.

Pair with the Equipe RSR Jersey for a racing platform that’s faster than WorldTour equipment.

Available through and from Assos stockists now priced at US$350.

Key Details

  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced weight
  • Aerodynamics maintained


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