Four BikeFlights Boxes showing how bikes fit inside each
Four BikeFlights Boxes showing how bikes fit inside each

BikeFlights Introduces New Bike Shipping Boxes

BikeFlights, a bicycle shipping service and supplier of bike boxes, is pleased to introduce its new line-up of BikeFlights Bike Shipping Boxes. After years of development, testing and continued improvements, we now offer four patented bike shipping boxes engineered to give cyclists the best shipping experience for shipping kids, road, gravel, mountain or e-bikes. There’s even a box for road, gravel and aero bikes with integrated bars and stems.

“We wanted to make our best-selling BikeFlights Bike Shipping Boxes even better,” said William Alcorn, BikeFlights President. “They’re now more durable, easy-to-pack and come in four sizes to fit more bikes.”

In 2016, we launched our original bike shipping box, a clamshell-style design available in a single size. Four years later, in 2020, came a completely new top or side-loading design in two sizes; it was the first-ever bike shipping box tested to the ISTA 6A standard. The popularity of this most recent box far exceeded expectations.

In expanding our box lineup to four sizes, BikeFlights took the opportunity to refine its proven box design. The company collected input from users who had collectively logged thousands of shipments with the previous generation of boxes and then made a few design updates thanks to their feedback.

“We talked to individual customers, bike shops, event organizers and carrier drivers to learn what would work better for them,” said Alcorn. “We listened to them, then incorporated their feedback to improve overall shipping performance.”

What resulted are boxes that are easier to handle. They just feel better when you pick them up after we added more rugged four-ply handholds and improved their placement. New pinch clips also now hold the boxes together without packaging tape. The clips are more robust than the previous versions, while also being biodegradable. And last but not least, a new patent-pending splined dropout spacer that fits nine different fork and frame dropout sizes reduces the amount of plastic used in the essential packing materials kit that comes with each box.

BikeFlights Bike Boxes are made in the U.S. They are designed for at least two shipments and can be recycled at the end of their life.

All four box sizes are available effective immediately in the BikeFlights online store. MSRPs are, respectively, $99.95 (Small), $109.95 (Medium), $119.95 (Large) and $129.95 (Extra Large). Direct-to-consumer shipping within the contiguous U.S. is included in the pricing. Boxes typically deliver within 1-3 business days, depending on customer location.

What’s noteworthy during a time when most prices are increasing is that the BikeFlights Bike Box Medium and Bike Box Small have both decreased in price thanks to design, manufacturing and operational improvements made to lower overall costs.

Wholesale pricing is available, and bulk box pricing will be available soon. Contact with inquiries.

Get more information and order BikeFlights Bike Shipping Boxes. To get started shipping your bike, go to To stay up to date on all happenings, follow the BikeFlights blog at

Key Details

  • BikeFlights now offers four sizes of bike shipping boxes (up from two previously).
  • We refined the design of our best selling box to make it even better, including stronger handholds that are better placed and new, more secure plastic closure clips that are biodegradable.
  • The new size Extra Large box, was designed to ship gravel, road and aero bikes with integrated (one piece) bars and stems. You don't have to remove your bars to ship.
  • The new Bike Shipping Boxes are available effective immediately.
  • We ship the BikeFlights Bike Shipping Boxes directly to you in a compact form that stores easily in a closet or under a bed before or between uses.


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