Gallery: Lotte Kopecky’s Tour of Flanders-winning Tarmac SL7

by Ronan Mc Laughlin

photography by Ronan Mc Laughlin

Lotte Kopecky sent Flanders into raptures, and beer glasses flying high into the air as she claimed victory in the Tour of Flanders on Sunday. In doing so Kopecky realised the dream of every Flandrien; to win De Ronde in the Tricolore jersey of the Belgian national champion.

Rewind 24 hours to De Ronde Eve, and we had Kopecky’s Tarmac SL7 sat in front of our camera.

Bike weight: 7.25 kg

Saddle setup

Centre of the bottom bracket to centre of the saddle: 70 cm.
Tip of the saddle behind the bottom bracket: 8 cm.

Handlebar setup

Width at the drops: 38 cm
Width at the hoods: 34 cm
Tip of the saddle to centre of the handlebars: 56 cm
Tip of the saddle to the levers: 68.5 cm
Drop from top of the saddle to top of the handlebars: 9 cm

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