Gallery: Snowy Flanders recon with the Grubers

by Caley Fretz

photography by Gruber Images

The final touches are applied on Friday, two days before Flanders. That means the final recon ride, one last attempt to imprint key corners, wind directions, and of course the difficulty and order of the hellingen.

Riders awoke in hotel rooms across Flanders on Friday to a coating of fresh snow, somewhat unusual for early April. The trees are already gaining leaves, grass is turning green again. Spring is springing. Kinder weather will be back for Sunday, with mellow temperatures, light winds and mostly cloudy skies. Perfect bike racing weather.

Friday wasn’t perfect bike riding weather. But it was beautiful. Ashley and Jered Gruber were embedded with AG2R Citroën and captured the chilly, wet morning. Enjoy (from the warmth of your screen).

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