New Frontiers: Attaquer Rides Gran Canaria

To coincide with the launch of our latest seasonal collection, H2/22, we recently went riding around the ruggedly picturesque island of Gran Canaria with our mates Tristan Cardew and Keira McVitty.

Although perhaps slightly lesser known than its neighbour Tenerife, Gran Canaria offers no shortage of breathtaking landscapes and spectacular riding. From rolling surf and crystal blue skies in Las Palmas to the harsh, volcanic interior, the island is criss-crossed with beautiful hot mix roads making it both an amazing cycling destination and the perfect backdrop to shoot our new H2/22 collection, itself inspired by this diverse landscape.

We were spoilt by the quality and variety of riding on offer, with snaking coastal roads that quickly turned to postcard switchback climbs towards the moonscape centre. A relatively small island dominated by a towering volcano, serious elevation gains were an inevitable feature of the trip. Equally gruelling and beautiful, the tough climbs were always duly rewarded with matching views and exhilarating descents as well as the promise of some world-class seafood paella at the end.

Even with riding we’d give our left leg for at home, it was Gran Canaria itself that left the most profound impression on Tristan and Keira. A few words of broken Spanish was all it took for the locals to open up, their warmth towards a bunch of funny sounding foreigners on bikes unwavering. Even at the tail end of the Northern Hemisphere winter, the weather was perfect for riding. This perfect storm of scenery, riding conditions and hospitality left us baffled as to why Gran Canaria remains relatively unknown as a cycling destination. The local Canarios were likewise caught off-guard by our choice of destination but it’ll be no surprise if they quickly become accustomed to it. We’ll certainly be back and there’s no question Gran Canaria deserves equal billing alongside Tenerife or Mallorca as a year-round escape.

Read more about the trip and see the new collection here.


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