Birthdate discrepancy prevented an early arrest of Mo Wilson shooting suspect

Kaitlin Armstrong was allowed to walk out on a typo.

by Caley Fretz

A clerical error, just a few stray digits, prevented the arrest of Kaitlin Armstrong on May 12, Austin Police indicated in a press conference on Wednesday.

Armstrong is charged with murder in the first degree for allegedly shooting and killing pro gravel and mountain bike racer Moriah “Mo” Wilson in Austin, Texas on May 11th. She remains out of police custody and was spotted in New York this week.

That Armstrong was brought in and interviewed by Austin Police on May 12th, then released, is not new information. Police clarified that the reason she could not be kept at the time came down to a discrepancy in the birthdate in their “report management system,” which showed Armstrong to have an April birthday. This date didn’t match the class B warrant that allowed police to bring her in for questioning. Amstrong’s actual birthday is November 21, 1987.

An Austin PD representative indicated that if the dates had matched, the police could have held her that day.

“She would have been able to be arrested on the class B misdemeanor, but because it’s class B we wouldn’t have been able to hold her for long, she would have been offered bond like everyone else,” he said.

A new warrant for Armstrong’s arrest was issued on May 19, this time with the correct birthday. Armstrong remains at large.

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