Brooks England rolls out new Take Care sustainability initiative

For well over a century, Brooks England saddles, bags, and cycling accessories have supported better paths forward for riders around the world. With the introduction of their new Take Care initiative, the team at Brooks England are adopting a similar long-term view towards the future of our planet, with those same products playing a major role in supporting that journey. And it’s all centred around a simple idea: Waste not, want not.

Well versed in the art of building bike products for the long haul, with Take Care, Brooks England are helping riders get the most out of what they already own, extending the lifespan of a favourite saddle, bag, or accessory to avoid the impact of needing something new. Take Care features three main pillars:

By regularly caring for Brooks products, riders can significantly extend their journey together. Tips for taking care of your saddle, bag, and more are available now on the Brooks England site.

Should tragedy befall a favourite Brooks item, it can be restored to riding shape with at-home repairs, video instructions, and newly available spare parts.

When the time comes to retire a saddle, bag, or bike accessory, it can be done at-home responsibly by following a few simple steps in the brand’s recycling guide or by sending your old product back to Brooks to be disassembled and properly disposed of by their team.

All Take Care resources are now available on the Brooks England website, with easy tutorials, entertaining videos, and the right information to ensure your ride continues to be an enjoyable one on the right path towards better roads ahead.

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Key Details

  • Brooks England have introduced a new "Take Care" initiative to promote sustainability.
  • Through simple video instructions, they are helping riders extend the lifespans of their favourite Brooks products
  • Under the idea of waste not, want not, they aim to decrease the need for new materials by keeping existing products on the road for longer.
  • Brooks England customers can learn more about taking care of their saddles, bags, or other riding accessories on the brand's website.


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