From the Top: Building Rocket Espresso

The story of how a humble Kiwi travelled across the globe to Italy to create one of the most desirable espresso brands on Earth.

by CyclingTips

photography by Augustus Farmer (

Rocket Espresso is not a cycling brand per se, but it’s arguably the best-known coffee brand within the orbit of our own little cycling world. 

Most cyclists have an appreciation for the sort of beautiful, mechanical, craftsmanship that Rocket does so wonderfully. It’s easy to see why the brand connects so strongly with cyclists.

New Zealander Andrew Meo is the co-founder of Rocket Espresso and it’s no coincidence that the brand found its way into cycling. Andrew is a lifelong avid cyclist and  his passion for coffee didn’t come until a bit later in his life …

I hope you enjoy the tale of Andrew’s remarkable journey across the globe that lifted coffee machines to a whole new level.

Thank you to Malcolm Bloedel for producing this episode and Ashley de Neef for composing the music.

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