Nerd Alert podcast: To lug or not to lug? That is the question

Colnago’s new C68 is technically still a bunch of carbon fiber sections glued together, but for better or worse, it no longer sports the neo-retro look of almost every C-series that came before it.

by CyclingTips

photography by CyclingTips

Whew, do the Nerds have a lot to talk about this week!

In many ways, Colnago’s new C68 flagship road bike still flies the same flag as previous C-series machines. It’s still made in Italy, it’s still made of a whole bunch of smaller sections of carbon fiber that are glued together, it’s still crazy expensive. But now it’s a lot more modern looking, most of those bond joints are now concealed under paint, and yet Colnago is still pitching it as a more distinct choice. It’s shaping up so far to be a mighty impressive bike on the road, but is it still special enough to be a real C?

The Nerds also discuss the merits and filling all the various nooks and crannies of your bike with repair items, we ask — yet again — why disc brake mounts are almost never properly faced (when they really need to be), and we ponder the future direction of Wahoo Fitness with its recent acquisition and layoffs.

And of course, what Nerd Alert group show would be complete without a round of Ask a Mechanic? We tackle this one without Caley, but that’s ok; none of the repairs involved hammers, anyway.

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