Gallery: Ten custom bikes showcase Shimano’s oh-so-limited GRX Limited

by Dave Rome

photography by Kevin Fickling / Shimano

Unbound Gravel is just days away and as expected there’s the usual flurry of exciting and interesting new products related to the booming gravel scene. Shimano has unveiled a new GRX wheelset but perhaps piquing wider interest is the mention of a new limited edition groupset – GRX Limited. 

In the simplest sense, GRX Limited is the usual 11-speed GRX 800-series mechanical groupset with a brushed or polished silver finish wherever possible. Shimano has produced the limited edition groups in 1x, 2x and flat-bar variants.  

And while the sound of a silver polished GRX groupset may get even the most hardcore of Campagnolo mechanical fans salivating (or crying?), its availability is sadly far more limited than you may have hoped. Shimano has only produced “several thousand” groups, with select members of the custom bike builder scene getting first dibs, and a few left-overs expected to land on the shelves of a small handful of US-based retailers. GRX Limited, yes it is.

With such exclusivity, Shimano has collaborated with a number of prolific custom bike builders for an exhibition at this year’s Unbound Gravel event. This gallery – which may be the closest some of us get to the new limited-release groupset – takes a look at ten stunning custom gravel bikes that are each well worth a share. 

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