Video: New Bike Day sounds like a bratty pop-punk song

The sound of the summer / your next bike purchase.

by Iain Treloar

When you get right down to it, is there a better day than New Bike Day? The gleam of the paintwork, the untapped promise of adventure stretching ahead of you, the anticipation and endorphin rush of a well-made, fiscally responsible and totally rational purchase. It’s a feast for the senses.

If New Bike Day had a soundtrack, though, what would it be?

The answer, according to the Canadian IFHT Youtube channel, is ‘pop-punk’. Their latest venture is a three minute banger that draws heavily on the musical vocabulary of bands like blink-182, a dead ringer right down to the breakdown at the two minute mark. There’s even a pretty decent attempt at that vowel-yowled vocal effect – you know, the one that actual linguistic academics study and refer to as the California Shift.

With production quality like this, you’d be right to wonder where the money comes from. In this case, it’s bankrolled by stealth marketing for the ostentatious sunglass brand Pit Viper, which is making a push into cycling.

Do the sunglasses look good? Eh. Are they ironic? Absolutely. And for that reason alone, this knowingly OTT pop-punk ode to a new bike is a perfect fit.