Win It Weekly: Spinergy GXX BWR Edition

Spinergy's GXX wheels have a new and improved hub design, the "44" hub.

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How does Win It Weekly work?

Fill out the form below for your chance to win a special edition Spinergy GXX Belgian Waffle Ride wheelset.


  • One (1) Spinergy GXX BWR wheelset
  • MSRP – $1,299

Prize Details:

The GXX includes a new and improved hub design, the “44” hub. A Beefier hub with bigger internals, featuring 108 points of engagement, to help you generate more torque and transfer more power for out of saddle efforts. An upgraded 44mm ratchet ring offers compatibility with all drivetrains including the new Shimano Micro Spline 12-speed and Campagnolo Ekar 13-speed. The “44” hub has been updated to include a slip-fit system to easily swap out end caps to accommodate, 15mm, 12mm, or QR axles, helping you “future-proof” your wheelset. The Spinergy GXX carbon gravel wheelset features a 24mm internal width foam core carbon fiber rim, which accommodates a wide range of tire sizes ranging from 32mm to 56mm.

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