Gallery: 2022 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia, Part One

by Dave Rome

photography by Dave Rome

The years roll by quickly and what amazes me is how the custom bike scene manages to progress in such a short time period. 

The Handmade Bicycle Show Australia (HBSA) returned to Williamstown, a short skip across the bay from Melbourne’s CBD. Filling what was once a large shipbuilding workshop, the open room was a buzz of familiar names and faces, along with the return of a few who were no longer under travel restrictions. 

In the multi-part gallery series, we’ll take a look at the world-class (and in some cases, world-leading) bikes and products being made in Australia, along with some stunning steeds from other parts of the world. To kick things off, this first part looks at bikes from Baum, Sugarloaf, The Lost Workshop, Geisler, HTech, Bossi, VeloCraft, and more. There’s also a sprinkle of parts and accessories thrown into the mix. 


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