Greg LeMond has been diagnosed with leukemia

"The long-term prognosis is very favorable," the 60-year-old said.

by Jonny Long

photography by Getty Images

Greg LeMond has been diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia.

The 60-year-old went for a medical check-up after feeling fatigued for a few weeks and received his formal diagnosis on Friday.

“Fortunately, it is a type of cancer that is treatable, and it is a type of leukemia that is not life-threatening or debilitating,” LeMond said in a statement. He will begin a chemotherapy protocol next week.

“No one ever wants to hear the word cancer but, admittedly, there is great relief, now, to know why I was feeling poorly,” the three-time Tour de France winner continued. “My doctors and I have decided on a treatment which will begin this week. I should be feeling better in a few weeks and for the near future, my daily schedule will be altered only a little and I have been told that in a few months, I should be in remission. The long-term prognosis is very favorable.”

“We have a great team at LeMond Bicycles who are being updated about my medical condition as we prepare this statement, and I am confident our work and plans for the near future will not be disrupted in any way. I will continue to participate in and support our plans for the summer months ahead. I had hoped to be in France in July for the Tour, but we are, now, working on an alternate plan so I can follow the Tour and engage with friends and teammates from our offices and farm in Tennessee. I will look forward to returning to the Tour next summer!”

“I will keep everyone updated about my health and treatments in the months ahead but for now, I believe I couldn’t be in better hands. I am excited about our plans ahead and I look forward to updating you all along the way.”

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