Mo Wilson murder: Kaitlin Armstrong’s vehicle found, reward for information upped

Armstrong has now been on the run for six weeks.

by Jonny Long

The vehicle of Kaitlin Armstrong, the prime suspect in the murder of gravel cyclist Mo Wilson, has been found and the financial reward for any information on the fugitive’s whereabouts has been quadrupled.

On the run since Wilson was murdered on May 11, Armstrong has been spotted at two separate airports in Texas and New Jersey as well as at a remote campsite in upstate New York.

Armstrong’s black Jeep Grand Cherokee, a vehicle of interest in the investigation, has now been located by US Marshals at a car dealership in Austin, Texas.

Two days after Wilson was murdered, Armstrong sold the vehicle for $12,200, receiving the check from the dealership the day after authorities questioned her. Armstrong had been interviewed by police but could not be detained due to a birthdate discrepancy on the warrant.

The original $5,000 reward offered by US Marshals has now been upped to $21,000, thanks to an additional $1,000 from the Capital Area Crime Stoppers and $15,000 from an anonymous donor.

Colin Strickland, who was the boyfriend of Armstrong and had been with Wilson the night she was murdered, says he’s been in “shell-shocked grieving mode” and will be “in hiding” until his partner is caught due to fears for his own safety.

Strickland spoke to The Sun newspaper earlier this week and has said the police affidavit “skewed” his relationship with Wilson while also describing Armstrong as “one of the least volatile people I have ever met”.

“I had ended the relationship with Kaitlin and it was just interesting timing because Mo had come to Austin to visit a friend that exact week,” Strickland explained. 

“It was completely unplanned and yeah, we started spending some time together. That was clearly expressed to Kaitlin at that time and Kaitlin dated other men directly after that. We were clearly going our separate ways but we just didn’t get enough inertia to separate. Kaitlin and I were involved in several businesses together.”

“Mo and I communicated about twice a month (after that) and I think it was skewed in a very misleading way in the affidavit,” he continued. “I would say she is one of the least volatile people I have ever met and that’s why it’s so absolutely shocking. 

“She had sides to her personality that I don’t think she shared with anybody. I had no indication of anything like that.”

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