Nerd Alert podcast: Things that shouldn’t break 

Chatting steerer tubes and safety concerns with carbon repair expert Raoul Luescher.

by Dave Rome

photography by CyclingTips

Modern bikes are marvellous creations, forever pushing engineering boundaries with a continued focus on lighter, faster, and sleeker. However, that raises a big question: is the bicycle industry flying a little close to the sun when it comes to safety?

It’s exactly this concern that this week’s Nerd Alert deep dive episode covers. Join James and Dave as they speak with world-renowned carbon fibre repair, testing, and inspection expert Raoul Luescher of Melbourne-based Luescher Teknik.

The conversation covers existing test standards related to forks, the perceived gaps in those standards, where the industry could (and should) do more, and some helpful hints for safety checking what’s arguably the most critical part of your bike.

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