Fabio Jakobsen (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl) at the team presentation for the 2022 Tour de France.

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl partners up with KetoneAid supplement company

The team has been trialling KetoneAid’s drinks and is now making their partnership official with a multi-year agreement.

by Kit Nicholson

photography by Getty Images

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl has announced a new partnership with US-based company KetoneAid, which will support the team with a range of products to aid performance and recovery.

“Our team has reached a multi-year agreement with KetoneAid, who will supply us with their ketone nutritional products.”

KetoneAid’s nutritional products include a ‘Performance Enhancing Sport & Brain Ketone Ester Drink’ – which clearly states “Certified Drug Free and WADA Compliant. Including latest batch.” – and something called ‘KetoneAid SnakeWater’.

“The world’s number 1 team for 2021 has been using KetoneAid’s drinks for some time as part of our nutrition plan, with the riders and support staff all impressed by the quality of their products,” the team’s statement continues. “Our team has a long tradition of being on the forefront of developments in cycling technology and sports science and is very happy to reach an agreement with KetoneAid, which enables us to further integrate their products into our rider’s everyday nutrition plans.”

Ketones are an energy source derived from fat stored by the liver, first recreated synthetically for military purposes and quickly picked up by elite sport. Usually taken in drink form, the body uses ketones before turning to its stores of glycogen and sugar, helping to reduce lactic acid and extend endurance.

“US based KetoneAid is the world leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of ketone products,” reads the team’s statement. “The drink uses the benefit of ketones to support elite athletes and offers options for every level of sport enthusiasts world-wide.”

Member teams of the MPCC (Movement for Credible Cycling) are not allowed to use ketones, but they’re not flagged by WADA and their use is widespread in the professional peloton to aid with performance and recovery.

“Since we started in 2016, one of our goals was to become a sponsor of an elite cycling team,” said KetoneAid CEO Frank LLosa. “With hard work, we have reached this goal and are thrilled Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl chose KetoneAid as their partner.”

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