Alexandre Geniez at the Tour de l'Ain.

Team TotalEnergies terminate contract with Alexandre Geniez

French rider was handed four-month suspended sentence in March for domestic violence against his ex-wife.

by Amy Jones

photography by Getty Images

French ProTeam, TotalEnergies, announced via Twitter on Friday morning that they have “reached an agreement with rider Alexandre Geniez to terminate his contract.”

Geniez, who was due to retire at the end of this season, was found guilty of domestic violence in March by a court in Rodez, France. Following the sentence, the team released the following statement, falling short of directly condemning Geniez or indicating their intention to end the rider’s contract.

“Respect for people and taking responsibility are cardinal values ​​that are supported by TotalEnergies and shared within the team. The team is closely monitoring any situation that could violate these principles and reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action in the event of proven misconduct,” read the team’s statement at the time.

Geniez’s ex-wife Lucie Garrigues reported Geniez to police in November 2021, accusing him of physical abuse dating back to February 2020.

At a court hearing in January Garrigues said that Geneiz had thrown a phone at her on 7th November 2021, saying to her: “You will understand – you will see what happens to you”. In a separate incident on 17th November Garrigues suffered a haematoma to her forehead for which she was subsequently forced to miss a day of work.

This morning, the team released the following statement via Twitter:

“Team TotalEnergies has reached an agreement with rider Alexandre Geniez to terminate his contract. To date, he is no longer part of the TotalEnergies team.”

The statement does not indicate whether Geniez’s release from the team is in relation to his domestic violence conviction.