Worried about nasty stuff growing in your bottle? The Elite Neto is a handy sterilizer station. Just load it up, add some water, and then nuke the whole thing in your microwave. The resultant steam supposedly kills any microscopic bugs that might be hiding out.

2022 Eurobike tech gallery #5: Niner, Northwave, Park Tool, and more

by James Huang

photography by James Huang

The 2022 edition of the Eurobike trade show is continuing to reveal its bountiful treasures, nestled among the countless halls and aisles of the massive Messe Frankfurt convention complex. 

We’ve got a whole bunch of bits and bobs to share with you in this gallery, including new bikes from Niner and Cadex, some neat new bottles and related accessories from Elite, a ceramic-coated oversized pulley cage assembly (yes, really) from CeramicSpeed, a whole bunch of new shoes from Northwave, new tools and accessories from Park Tool, and plenty more.

And we’re still not done! Stay tuned for more from this year’s Eurobike show (and check out our complete coverage from the 2022 event here). 

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