TriEye's intriguing sunglasses offer one of the best integrations of a rear-view mirror I've seen to date.

2022 Eurobike tech gallery #7: Odds and ends

by James Huang

photography by James Huang

You didn’t think we were all done with our coverage from this year’s Eurobike show, did you? We are starting to wrap things up, though, and this round of coverage includes a whole bunch of odds and ends, such as one company’s quest to make eco-friendly kid seats, a couple of novel ways to put an eye in the back of your head, a slick solution for adding major cargo capacity to just about any bike, a neat way to keep your panniers organized, and more. 

Stay tuned — we’ve got one more (big) round of images on the way, and in the meantime, you can check out the rest of our coverage from this year’s show here.

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