Jack Bauer (BikeExchange-Jayco) in the bunch during stage 17 of the 2022 Tour de France.

Jack Bauer involved in an unfortunate incident with UAE team car and press moto

Two race motos have been kicked off the Tour de France for causing Jack Bauer and Nils Eekhoff to crash through a pinch point.

by Kit Nicholson

photography by Getty Images

About 50 km into stage 18, Jack Bauer (BikeExchange-Jayco) was caught up in an unpleasant crash through a pinch point.

The New Zealander was shown chasing hard through the cars when he, a press motorbike and a braking UAE Team Emirates team car converged as the road narrowed to barely more than a car’s width. Bauer attempted to cut between the two motor vehicles, only to find he had nowhere to go but slam straight into the back of the car.

On repeat viewing, it’s clear that Bauer’s incident was preceded by a tumble for DSM’s Nils Eekhoff just a few metres further up the road, and on closer inspection, he too was obstructed by a race moto which had stopped suddenly. It was Eekhoff’s crash that caused the knock-on effect behind.

Bauer was clearly shaken in the immediate aftermath of the incident, getting up very quickly and gesticulating wildly at the press motorbike, before storming into the mouth of a side street to blow off a little steam.

Both riders were then seen at the medical car, Eekhoff carrying evidence of his touchdown on his tattered jersey, and Bauer with a bloodied elbow.

It was reported a little later in the stage that both motorbikes had been disqualified from the race.

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