Win It Weekly: Two sets of Earshots wireless earphones

Earshots have safely and comfortably solved the problem of earphones falling out while out riding.

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  • Two (2) sets Earshots wireless earphones
  • MSRP: $139.00 USD (each)

Prize Details:

Earshots have solved the problem of earphones dislodging, distracting, or falling out while out riding on the trails. Earshots have engineered the solution through their patented Magentic Earlock™ technology – a Magnetic Earclip that safely and comfortably provides an unshakable lock to your ear.

This is all while providing world-class audio and connectivity with ambient noise balancing so you can hear everything going on around you. With a 10-hour charge time and a charging case that gives you 150 hours of total charge, you’ll never need another set of earphones for riding again.

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