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A Decade of Attaquer: A Re-Release Of The 10 Most Iconic Limited Kits Through The Years

Attaquer, Sydney’s original kit pioneers, turn 10.

Cycling kit looked very different in 2012. With a shared love of the sport and valuable experience in the fashion and cycling industries between them, Greg Hamer and Stevan Musulin knew they could do it better and so Attaquer was born. A french name with an unapologetically Australian inflection. From the outset they’ve sought to tread their own path, taking cues from outside the traditions of cycling in the worlds of art, music, fashion, street and skate. Boutique kit brands and industry ‘disruptors’ are a dime a dozen in 2022, but ten years ago Attaquer truly changed the industry with bold, matching print kits of the quality and performance that only the pros had access to at the time. With the addition of a third partner, Ben Juzwin, their fashion-forward approach, with an uncompromising focus on technicality, cemented Attaquer as a genuine pioneer in the world of cycling, instantly recognisable across the globe.

Based in Sydney, Australia since day one, a uniquely Australian character threads through the brand, an acknowledgement of but complete disregard for the ‘rules’ of cycling. It may have been the bold prints and unmistakable skull logo that originally put Attaquer on the map but it’s the drive for quality and innovation that has continued to set it apart. Years of development and iteration driven by experimentation, customer feedback and close work with teams has kept them at the bleeding edge. Partnerships with industry leaders and constant searching and sourcing of the latest fabrics and finishes has always ensured that function is never overshadowed by form and that sustainability is never overlooked.

Over the last decade Attaquer have worked with a diverse range of elite teams, from Roxsolt Attaquer and Crit Dawgs on the road, to Focus Attaquer in CX and Dosnoventa in Fixed gear to name a few. The opportunity to develop kit alongside some of the best athletes in the world, in the most extreme use cases, as well as cementing a place in the racing community has always been a key motivation.
Art, music and fashion also run deep in the DNA of Attaquer and the many instantly recognisable artist collaborations have always been a vital and unique feature point, the most overt expression of the brand’s foundations. From local tattoo artists, to young and emerging artists, right through to ubiquitous icons like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat, these collections have echoed a shared approach, a rule-breaking DIY attitude that sets them apart from the rest.

Attaquer is a long way from the earliest seasons of limited run kits of 2012 but the ethos remains unchanged. A full head-to-toe core range of apparel and accessories, covering all four seasons, is complemented by seasonal releases and artist collaborations that still echo the spirit of those original releases. To celebrate a massive 10 years of shaking up the industry, Attaquer are releasing a special anniversary collection. Calling on over 20 seasons of limited kits, artist Series and brand collaborations, they’ve drummed up 10 of the most popular, memorable, and quintessentially Attaquer kits with help from the fans, and reworked them with a 2022 twist for the ATQ-X 10 year collection.

The ATQ-X 10 year collection is available now from Attaquer.

Key Details

  • A Decade Of Attaquer Cycling
  • Attaquer Re-releases 10 Most Iconic Limited Kits
  • Launch Date: 23rd August


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