Shimano Di2 cheatsheets: straight to the most common of questions

Straight to the point on what those LED lights mean.

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Do you have a new bike with fancy new electronic Di2 shifting but can’t remember how to check the battery status? Never fear, BetterShifting is here.

Terry Seidler runs, an independent website dedicated to all things Shimano Di2. We’ve spoken to Seidler previously on the Nerd Alert podcast, and he’s a regular contributor to CyclingTips’ VeloClub member channels. 

Seidler recently finished putting together a few cheat sheets for the most commonly asked questions related to the LED lights on Di2 parts. If you’ve ever Googled how to check the battery status on Di2, how to get into (or out of) Synchro mode, or what to do in the event of laying a bike over on the derailleur side, then these cheat sheets will surely save you from falling into the time pit of Youtube. 

Screenshot these to your phone and save yourself the future search.

Shimano 12-speed Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105.

Shimano 11 speed with Synchro Shift functionality

The chart below applies to Di2 bikes with Synchronised shifting as an optional feature – this will be most 11-speed bikes in use.

Shimano 10/11 speed without Synchro Shift functionality

Older Di2 bikes running either the SM-BTR2 internal battery or SM-BMR1/2 battery mount will have slightly different timings to the more recent versions. The below is applicable to these early generation Di2 bikes.

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