Video: Lachlan Morton’s Colorado Trail Fastest (un)Known Time

by CyclingTips

photography by EF-Easy Post

Lachlan Morton failed last time, missing the Colorado Trail record by less than two hours. This summer, he set off again to again take on the high-altitude, high-consequence ride from Denver to Durango across the Rocky Mountains.

Over 530 miles (850 km), mostly above 10,000 feet (3,000m), the trail is both difficult and dangerous. It’s also normally tackled over the course of weeks, not days.

There’s a twist. The camera crew responsible for capturing his ride effectively nullified the actual record. The rules of bikepacking, and of the Colorado Trail FKT specifically, dictate that no outside assistance is allowed. That includes psychological assistance, so though the camera crew never helped Morton directly, their presence is seen as a benefit.

So Morton doesn’t hold the Fastest Known Time on the Colorado Trail. It’s the fastest (un)known time, if you ask EF. But he doesn’t seem to mind.

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