Interview: Marianne Vos on the year she got her groove back

A disappointing start to 2018 that turned into a spectacular return to full potential. It has been a year of mixed results for Marianne Vos, but one that ultimately saw one of the world's greatest cyc …


Rainbow-striped armour: The ups and downs of winning Worlds as a trans woman

“Come on,” I say to myself out loud. I don’t know whether my opponent, who is ahead of me, has heard. I don’t feel tired. I’m pedalling as hard as I possibly can. We round the final turn …


Taking a speed record: Denise Korenek on what it's like to ride at 183.9 mph

Denise Korenek rode at an astonishing 183.932 miles per hour (296 km/h) earlier this week, going well beyond the previous world paced bicycle record as she flew along the salt flats of Utah. Korene …


Tales of the Tour: The happy tears of Cecilie

It looked like Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig was crying, and she was, but it also sounded like she was laughing. She was laughing. She sat on the pavement two hundred meters after the finish line in Le Grand …


Commentary: Do we actually need a women’s Tour de France?

I’ll let you in on a secret. When I started writing this piece, I did so more than a little reluctantly. I really didn’t want to write another article pushing for a longer La Course. It also di …


Before the start line: Seeking calm and confidence with pre-race rituals 

Three hours before the starting gun goes off, it begins. I slip into a carefully rehearsed series of actions, so familiar to me by this point in the season that I don’t need to make lists or leave r …


Why the best parts are missing from the Tokyo 2020 women’s road race course

Last week the UCI revealed a women’s road race course for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics that is markedly different from the men’s. While the men’s race will tackle the lower slopes of the iconic Mount …


Step by step: Inside Kate Courtney's ride to the rainbow jersey

When you take things one step at a time, you never know when you might be one step away from making something magical happen. That was my motto on the morning of the World XC Championship in Lenzerhei …


The SHEcret Pro: On Worlds, minimum wages, and Grand Tours for women

The SHEcret Pro is back and she's got a lot on her mind! In this post our anonymous insider gives us the goss from the Road World Championships, offers her thoughts on the newly announced minimum wage …


Moments of daring: An unpredictable path to a predictable Worlds result

From a quick glance at the result of the women’s road race at the 2018 Road World Championships, you’d be forgiven for thinking the race was pedestrian. Just another predictable tale of Dutch domi …


Can anyone beat van Vleuten? Your guide to the 2018 Worlds women's road race

There is no such thing as an easy race when it comes to winning the rainbow stripes. But in 2018, the women's road race at the Road World Championships is bound to be particularly tough and selective. …


Five questions with British off-road phenom Evie Richards

Imagine discovering a sport and becoming a world champion three years later. Then imagine repeating that feat. Imagine coming off the first real injury of your life to take the biggest result of yo …


Imperfect preparation: Embracing the challenge of a mid-season setback

“Now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” — John Steinbeck, East of Eden Perfection is a tricky concept. I know inherently that it’s unachievable, yet again and again I fi …


Weighing in: Nutrition, body image, and finding balance as a female athlete

We all know that in endurance sports, weight matters. As a cyclist, I obsess over every aspect of my equipment, from the weight of a tiny bolt to the thickness of the sidewalls of my tires. I am const …


Ella Eats: date-licious snacks

The more you ride, the more food-conscious (read: obsessed) one becomes. This makes complete sense because you’re burning a lot of fuel, you’ve learned bonking is no fun, and you’re probably alw …

Ella Eats: Three treats minus a serving of guilt

Are you still feeling a little sluggish after the silly season? Did that New Year's healthy eating resolve never really stick or has it yet to kick into gear as that holiday mood was prolonged through …