Founded in 2008, CyclingTips is a web publication that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and to inspire cyclists of all levels to become better and more knowledgeable riders.

We’re focused mainly on road cycling — from the professional cycling scene through to challenging local recreational rides — but we occasionally dabble in other disciplines (including mountain biking and cyclocross).

We publish news, tech reviews, interviews, feature articles and tips (of course) about everything from the science of cycling through to road safety, and a healthy dose of big beautiful images that will have you longing for long weekend rides on amazing roads. What really gets us excited is the behind-the-scenes stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.


CyclingTips was founded in September 2008 by Canadian-born, former engineer Wade Wallace.

After years spent racing road and mountain bikes at a high level in North America Wade moved to Melbourne from Canada in 2005 and nearly quit bike racing for good. After six months spent adjusting to a new job and a new life in the Southern Hemisphere, Wade got back into cycling.

When Wade began racing again in Australia he noticed many new and different things that cyclists did here that he hadn’t seen elsewhere. Wherever in the world he cycled he noticed these little idiosyncrasies, but he never stayed anywhere long enough to give them much thought.

After a while, he started keeping a blog to share all of the cycling tips he’d learned over the years. It’s evolved into something more now, but Wade still enjoys writing about new things he learns or observes about the sport.

CyclingTips was run from Wade’s kitchen for more than four years before the operation moved into a small office in Melbourne in early 2013.


If you need to contact us, please email us at “editor@cyclingtips.com.au“.