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Our Community

CyclingTips serves the curious, the enthusiast, the influencer, the cyclist who cares to go deeper.

They are students, professionals, business decision makers, husbands, wives, parents, shoppers and travellers. Our common bond is a love for the sport of cycling.

Other publications have an audience, we have a community.

  • Earns $40, 000 – $89, 000 p.a. 39%
  • Earns $90, 000 – $208, 000 p.a 51%
  • Earns $208k or more p.a 10%





  • 15 – 24 yrs of age 15%
  • 25 – 34 yrs of age 40%
  • 35 – 44 yrs of age 31%
  • 45 – 54 yrs of age 11%
  • +54 yrs of age 3%
  • High school educated 13.2%
  • Currently attending university 9.5%
  • College or university degree 52.7%
  • Post-graduate degree 26%

What we do


Cycling is ultimately an active sport that can’t be experienced in front of a computer. We run events as small as a dozen people all the way up to thousands of people which creates wonderful content and engagement opportunities which then reaches millions through our channels.

Beautiful content

Our mission is to showcase the beauty of cycling in all its glory. We want people to love cycling as much as we do, and ultimately get away from the computer and go out for a ride.

Traditional advertising

We have earned the trust and credibility with our audience, and that translates to high engagement with our brand partners.

Custom solutions

Media has changed significantly and we’ve always seen ourselves as problem solvers for brands. We don’t believe that one size fits all and breaking the mould is what gets us excited.



Creating powerful human stories about the champions of tomorrow


Creating and distributing beautiful destination features with product and service integration


Creating and distributing influential brand building stories that’s an integral part of building brands


Showcasing events and helping amplify digital activations


Creating helpful content to answer specific questions at the pointy end of the sales funnel to drive conversions


Showcasing incredible regions and countries in all their splendour and everything they have to offer

and many more…


and many more…