Author: Dave Rome

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Muc-Off's new powdered bike wash is plastic-free and BYO-water

A 30 g compostable sachet of cleaning powder makes 1 litre of bike wash.

Review: The best bicycle tyre inflators to use with an air compressor

Got an air compressor? Learn what inflator is best with eight reviewed plus some DIY ideas.

Ibis Cycles releases the Exie, a US-made cross country race bike

By our count this is Ibis's first true cross country full suspension machine in over two decades.

What’s going on with Jolanda Neff’s down tube?

A quick explanation of the wavy shape seen on the Olympic race-winner's bike.

The LoreOne is the world’s first custom 3D-printed carbon cycling shoe

They're also eye-wateringly expensive and look like a sandal from space.

A guide to air compressors for bicycles

A great addition to the home workshop, an air compressor assists with cleaning and inflating.

Surly’s Corner Bar lets your mountain bike be a gravel bike

Designed to fit mountain bike brake levers and shifters, this drop handlebar is weirdly interesting.

Revel Bikes releases recyclable carbon RW23 gravel rims

A carbon rim made with a modern take on thermoplastic manufacturing.

Which type of inner tube holds air the best?

Ever wondered how well certain tube materials hold onto pressure? I know I did.

AbsoluteBlack’s new Hollowcage is a one-sided oversized pulley system

Unique looks, big claims and a price tag larger than the lower pulley wheel.

Favero Assioma Duo Shi power meter review: BYO Shimano SPD-SL pedals

An axle upgrade that turns your existing Shimano SPD-SL pedals into a power meter. However, there is one big trade-off.

Shimano expands consumer-direct options, but not for components

First Shimano North America, and now Shimano Australia has followed with direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

Apidura’s Revive program gives new life to used bags

The bikepacking bag company is now selling repaired, refurbished, and sample products.

Vision’s new Metron 45 and 60 SL Disc wheels tick many boxes

Two new disc-only aero road wheels that seem to have all the right features.

Black Inc teases five-spoked carbon road wheels with retro vibes

An aero all-road clincher that's sure to stand out.

The 900 km drive to deliver faster time trial wheels to Mathieu van der Poel

Matthieu Van der Poel isn't expected to hold onto yellow past the upcoming time trial, but every advantage may help.

Dynaplug launches shortened repair tools for road tubeless tyres

New road versions are designed to work better with the low height of road tyres.

Hunt 48 Limitless Aero Disc road wheelset review: wide and stable

A long-term review of Hunt's premium all-rounder road race wheelset.

Pro introduces curved version of the Stealth saddle, overhauls the original

The popular short-nose saddle gets a refresh and an alternative shape option.

Tom Pidcock wants to try downhill mountain biking

Competing in a downhill world cup is apparently on the multi-discipline star's bucket list.

Why tubeless tyres can lead to looser spokes than those with tubes inside

Did you know that a tubeless tyre puts more compression force on a hooked rim than one run with a tube? Here's why.