Author: Iain Treloar

Iain joined CyclingTips in 2017 following several years as an Editor at Ride On Magazine. Now working as Senior Editor, Iain has found a niche writing long-form features, annoying dictators, reporting from races including the Tour de France, dabbling in tech, and generally making a pest of himself. He likes gravel and solitude, and is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Nicolas Roche needs to work on his jive

The Irishman is the latest pro cyclist to become a reality TV star, appearing on Ireland's Dancing with the Stars.

Best of 2021: We tried to get scammed by Peter Sagan

... with a pair of off-brand Air Jordan basketball shoes.

Best of 2021: Snapshots of hell at the men's Paris-Roubaix

Heavy rain from the outset. Mud-slicked cobbles. It’s always the Hell of the North, but the conditions this year made it extra hellish.

Who knew making carbon fibre frames could be this beautiful?

A glimpse behind the curtain of Time's frame manufacturing technique.

Would you just look at these absolute maniacs

Four photographs of eight cooked units, from the depths of the Library of Congress archives.

Sex and the City just torpedoed Peloton's share price

I would like to report a murder.

Millions of cyclists, billions of kilometres: Unpacking a year of Strava data

What were the world's cyclists up to in 2021? Strava has the answers.

This pro track cyclist is going to be an astronaut

Christina Birch is an 11-time US national champion. Now, she's going to space.

Qhubeka-NextHash remains a team in limbo

After missed UCI deadlines, the South African team is hoping for a miracle.

This pro is improving the world, one training ride at a time

Anthony Roux saw a beer bottle on the roadside, and couldn't ignore it.

10 products I loved in 2021: Iain Treloar

From music to mudguards, gravel tyres to $10 racks, these are the things that stuck with me this year.

How I became the internet’s most notorious bike thief

A globetrotter's guide to stealing the same bike in the same laneway, over and over again.

Retro gallery: The Gavia Pass turns a peloton to ice

The 1988 Giro d'Italia's date with the Gavia would earn Andy Hampsten a maglia rosa, and other riders a touch of hypothermia.

Rapha founder Simon Mottram to step down as CEO

17 years after establishing the influential clothing brand, Mottram is handing over the reins.

Parrot gets peckish, destroys wheel

How an eclectus parrot called Gypsy became the internet's most notorious cycling-adjacent animal.

What it's like to ride 900 km in a day

A chat with ultra-endurance racer Abdullah Zeinab.

Geraint Thomas had his bike stolen for three hours

"Boy have I got a good story for you."

Serious allegations arise over Afghan cyclist evacuations

A CyclingTips investigation reveals the bullying and blackmail allegations behind a UCI- and Afghan Cycling Federation-led convoy.

Sergio Higuita has been fired for riding the wrong bike

Or, how a viral video resulted in a contract termination.