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New mum Lotta Henttala is coming back to pro racing

Lotta Henttala (née Lepistö) left the pro peloton behind two years ago. In 2023 she will return with AG Insurance-NXTG.

Introducing Cian Uijtdebroeks, Tour de l'Avenir winner, star of the future

A potential Grand Tour winner is big news in Belgium. The 19-year-old's win at the Tour de l'Avenir bodes well for the future.

Wilco Kelderman, the overlooked Grand Tour podium contender

The Dutchman has three top-10 finishes at the Vuelta. Could he get his first podium this time around?

The ups and downs of 10 years as a female cycling commentator

It was a decade ago today that José Been did something she never thought possible: commentate on a bike race.

'What just happened?': The story of a dominant win

Worrying she wouldn't be recovered from the Tour de France in time, Krista Doebel-Hickok arrived at the Tour des Pyrenées and dominated.

Hors Course stage 7: Villages Fleuries

Mountains and more mountains on the penultimate stage of the Tour de France Femmes but also lovely small towns with lots of flowers. And ...

Hors Course stage 6: A German past

Into the Vosges.

Hors Course stage 5: Very expensive jam

Also the longest stage of the Tour de France Femmes.

Hors Course Stage 4: Land of dinosaurs and wine

Don't, we repeat DON'T, go in the water.

Hors Course Stage 3: Champagne and PFP

Into the Champagne region for stage 3.

Hors Course stage 2: From the land of Brie de Meaux to the Champagne region

Stage 2 of the Tour de France Femmes takes the peloton from Meaux to Provins for an uphill sprint finish.

Hors Course stage 21 and stage 1: Allez les Femmes!

As the Tour de France Hommes hand over to the Femmes, we look at some of the most famous women associated with belle Paris.

Hors Course stage 20: A pilgrim’s route and the final cheese segment of the week

Rocamadour is the Tour’s last stop before Paris, and the stage 20 time trial visits the home of a delicious goat’s cheese.

Hors Course stage 19: Castles, saints and religious relics

Stage 19. We're almost there. But before the weekend, there's one more stage that looks like one for the sprinters.

Hors Course stage 18: the first Dutchman in yellow and his watch that never stopped

The last mountain stage takes the Tour de France peloton to the scene of a heroic story born from extraordinary adversity.

Hors Course stage 17: Octave Lapize and the Tour’s first visit to the Pyrenees

Stage 17 sees the peloton tackle four climbs in the Pyrenees, a mountain range with an enchanting history at the Tour de France.

Hors Course stage 16: Dinosaurs and some dark religious history in the Pyrenees

The third week of the Tour de France is upon us and the peloton is heading into the Pyrenees for stage 16.

Hors Course stage 15: Medieval Carcassonne and its signature dish, the cassoulet

We’re back in Carcassonne for stage 15, scene of history-making sprint victories and some delicious history.

Hors Course stage 14: Architectural wonders and an underwhelming cheese dish

Before we revisit the spectacular Mende finale seen at the 2015 Tour, stage 14 visits some stunning sights and a less stunning recipe…

Hors Course stage 13: A short history of Bastille Day

As stage 13 finally leaves the high mountains, we revisit the history of Bastille Day, celebrated yesterday across France.

Hors Course stage 12: From the Fortifications of Vauban to the legendary Alpe d’Huez

Stage 12 of the Tour de France goes from Briançon to Alpe d'Huez, the last in a trio of stages in the French Alps.