Author: Ronan Mc Laughlin

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Rapha's Women's All-Day Leggings and Shorts are for cycling and not cycling

Rapha's new offerings are said to offer comfort and versatility ... like casual wear?

Review: Met's new Manta aero helmet adds MIPS and motorsport

More aero, safer, and with an exhaust, MET's new Manta aero helmet was inspired by automotive design and wind-tunnel testing.

LEAKED - Favero Assioma Shimano-compatible power meter pedal

Shimano compatible power meter pedals have long been on many riders wish list, is it about to happen?

Volkswagen is now leasing bikes in Germany: is this just the beginning?

Car and bike industry giants will offer financing solutions to companies and individuals through a network of dealers.

Today’s winner of the Internet: a website dedicated to Zwift memes

Vitamin D and Coffee stop powerups, add some Zwift to your real life rides

2021 Team bikes of the men's WorldTour

We take a look at all the bikes and equipment teams will use in the 2021 UCI men's World Tour.

SRAM acquires Time pedals. Is a SRAM power pedal coming?

SRAM's latest acquisition and what it means for TIME pedals, shoes, warranties and future plans.

Spotlight: Therm-IC UV Warmer for drying and sanitising shoes

An ultraviolet warmer to help keep your shoes fresh and odour-free.

Review: The $725 Assos Johdah jacket and Equipe RS range is frustratingly good

Assos has raised the bar for clothing prices but are the price tags justified?

How to layer for cold weather riding

Here's the science behind staying comfortable during cold weather rides.

Bontrager's new AW3 rubber, approved by a cat

The updated range gets improved ride qualities and reflective sidewalls.

POC's new Omne Eternal helmet has a solar-powered light that runs itself

The cleanly integrated rear light recharges itself from any light source and operates automatically

Here's what the disappearance of PowerTap might mean

SRAM has discontinued the PowerTap range. Is this the end for the hub- and pedal-based power meters or a whole new beginning?

Maxxis Receptor is a new gravel tyre featuring MTB tech and a tan sidewall

Maxxis extends its gravel range with a new semi-slick offering

Firmware update further improves Assioma power meter pedals

New firmware update, why it matters and how to install.

E-BIKE Act in Congress would provide tax breaks for e-bike purchases. Will it help?

E-Bike act to encourage use of e-bikes and reduce carbon emissions, but will it?

In the fight against climate change, should bikes be more like cars?

Can the cycling industry become more environmentally friendly, sell more bikes and encourage a circular economy?

The HPS Domestique Watt Assist Pro is an e-bike that doesn't look like an e-bike

The new HPS Domestique is an e-bike that doesn't look like an e-bike.

Maxxis announces updated High Road tyre range

Lighter, faster and more puncture resistant tyre from Maxxis.

MIPS' new product range better defines its brain-protecting technologies

New range of five classes provides better differentiation between Mips offerings, making it easier to choose which is right for you.

Lezyne redesigns its entire range of multi-tools

Lezyne has updated its popular multitool range, offering a huge 23 variations.