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The Secret Pro: Jumbo's arrogance and why weaker riders make the best directors

When racing comes easy, you don't have to learn how to do it properly.

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The Secret Pro dishes the dirt on supply issues, COVID ripping through the peloton and more.

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The Secret Pro has had enough of the 'lip-service' approach to safety and wants actual change.

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Get the latest from our anonymous insider, The Secret Pro.

The Secret Pro: Supertucks and the coming season

The Secret Pro is back with, among other things, his thoughts on the UCI's supertuck ban.

The Secret Pro Lockdown Edition

Hello CyclingTips readers, First off I want to acknowledge that we’re all going through this together in our own ways under our own circu...

The Secret Pro: Never buy a Ferrari

I heard a rumour that the notorious Dr Ferrari was out of his lair. The news this week follows roughly what I heard then, though some det...

The Secret Pro: Drafting cars happens, Nils Eekhoff should be World Champ

Listen, I’m going to keep this short, because I may or may not be starting a World Championship tomorrow (can’t let you lot narrow my ide...

The Secret Pro's Guide to the 2019 Tour de France

The Tour de France is almost here. Are you ready? I’m ready. I know the start list isn't out yet, but most of us know if we’re going to L...

The Secret Pro: Taxes, Zwifting, and the things we talk about

We talk about different things, depending on the setting. Allow me to explain.

The Secret Pro: We’re unionising against the union

Apologies -- this is about to get political. Some of you might have seen my colleagues go on Twitter and complain about the CPA, the pro ...

The Secret Pro: Blood-soaked kit and the God-forsaken brush

This is the story of broken bikes and bloodied kit and the unexplainable drive to race on.

The Secret Pro: An insider's view on Chris Froome's crazy Giro attack

The Giro d'Italia is over, and what a Giro it has been. Plenty of crazy days, steep mountains, and ups and downs for everyone. Before we ...

The Secret Pro: Froome should stay home

I'm sure you've seen the report that came out today. It accuses Sky of using powerful corticosteroids not just to get better, but get way...

The Secret Pro: My thoughts on Froome's positive and the bikes we ride

In the hours before this Secret Pro was scheduled to be published, news broke that Chris Froome had tested positive for twice the legal a...

The Secret Pro: Sketchy thyroids, confused commissaires, and more

It’s been a while, readers. I apologize, I’ve been busy. Just more of the usual, really: Line up at some big races, spend too many hours ...

The Secret Pro: Dumoulin's Giro, the Hammer Series, concussion and more

It's been a while since you last heard from me and there has been plenty going on during this period of radio silence. So let’s dig strai...

The Secret Pro: Motors, discs, jiffy bags, and more

Hello CyclingTips readers! Remember me? It’s been a little while, but I’m back and fired up for the 2017 season. My last column was back ...

The Secret Pro: Cortisone TUEs, world championships and rider-transfer season

I never thought I’d start a column talking about Fancy Bears, but here we are. So, it seems like every day is TUEsday at Team Sky, eh? Th...