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How to keep cycling after you die

Two-wheeled funeral anyone?

This cyclist is about to ride 2,000km across Antarctica

A man, his sled, his tent and a fatbike.

Video: Riding the Atlas Mountain Race as an ultra-endurance bikepacking newbie

What it's like to throw yourself into the deepest of deep ends.

Video: Lachlan Morton's Colorado Trail Fastest (un)Known Time

Lachlan Morton failed last time, missing the Colorado Trail record by less than two hours. This summer, he set off again to again take on...

The path of new beginnings

An ode to a bike track that asks so little when you have so little to give.

Recommended Routes: Phantom Canyon, Colorado

In the latest episode in our Recommended Routes series we join Michelle and Matthew Beaudin for a gravel ride on the slopes of Pikes Peak...

Rupert Guinness: Finding my own race at Haute Route

“You are only a place or two ahead of me,” quipped a rider behind me in a slow, deep and heavy Dutch accent. Curiously, I turned to be me...

Hostel-hopping: A solo gravel bikepacking adventure on a ‘70s singlespeed

You don't need the latest and greatest gravel bike to have a wonderful adventure.

Lachlan Morton is taking on the Colorado Trail again

Morton will ride in honor of his friend Sule Kangangi, who died in late August.

Three years to heartbreak: Picking up from a DNF at Race Across America

Rupert Guinness didn't finish RAAM, but that doesn't mean he's done with it.

After two Grand Tours, injury threatens 20-year-old amateur's Vuelta quest

Erik Horsthemke has cycled the entire Giro and Tour routes so far in 2022 (including transfers). The Vuelta could be three weeks too far.

A ride back in time in beautiful Galena Country, Illinois

In Galena, Illinois, time seems to have stood still, making it the perfect destination for a cycling adventure.

The world's largest Strava art is finally finished

Two cargo bikes and a dog drew a bicycle spanning seven countries to inspire others to swap cars for bikes.

Quiet, picturesque, remarkable: An Aberdeenshire cycling adventure

If you're a cyclist who loves an adventure with stunning scenery and quiet roads, you'll want to check out Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Glorious gravel grinding in Colorado’s Gunnison County

If you're looking for terrific gravel riding, you'll find plenty on tap in Gunnison County, Colorado.

Recommended Routes: Los Gatos, California

In the latest episode in our Recommended Routes series we join Fisher Curran and friends on the gravel roads near Los Gatos.

Mark Beaumont: Why don't more ex-pros go for the round the world record?

Mark Beaumont talks ultra-endurance as he readies himself to take on his latest challenge, the pairs record at the Race Across America.

Recommended Routes: Acadia National Park, Maine

In this week's episode of Recommended Routes we head to the lovely Acadia National Park in Maine.

Recommended Routes: Gold Camp Loop, Colorado

Our Recommended Routes series continues in the hills outside Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Recommended Routes: Hoh Rainforest Route

Our Recommended Routes series continues in the moody Pacific Northwest.

Tamales and trails: A culture-rich cycling tour through Albuquerque

You might know Albuquerque as the home of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. For cyclists, it has so much more to offer.