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A ride between resting places

Death and disaster, fascism and farting – all on the road to the end of the world.

The VAM Challenge: How fast can you ride 1,000 m of vertical gain?

A new riding challenge born of lockdowns.

Sometimes you just need to go for a really long bike ride

In her latest column, Gracie Elvin shares the story of her longest ride ever - one that offered some much needed perspective.

A guide to riding South Tyrol: The magic beyond the famous climbs

Sometimes it pays to go beyond the most-popular roads.

I always forget to ride when I need it the most

You know in those old-timey movies where there’s a barrel of gunpowder and the fuse?

A ride of loss, love, and longing among the mountain ash

In the lush rainforest of the Dandenong Ranges, Peter Foot was able to gain some much-needed perspective.

'Gravel is the new gold' – Svein Tuft is reconnecting with his homeland

Svein Tuft is back to his roots, and still blowing our minds.

The highest climb of the 2021 Tour de France is a monster

On stage 15 of the 2021 Tour de France, the peloton will tackle the highest road in the Pyrenees. As Peter English writes, the climb is f...

The austere beauty of winter cycling

Most people avoid riding in the depths of winter. Those that venture out can be handsomely rewarded.

The app that adds adventure to your everyday cycling

There's a perverse joy in being caught off-guard by something so unrideable.

The flightless bird that inspired my off-the-couch 120 km gran fondo

Nothing else can give you this unbelievable high. All those good vibes, all the good feelings, the good memories, they all come back.

Video: Cape to Cape, a must-watch documentary about one incredible ride

Freezing rain, searing heat, illness, personal conflict, mob violence – this is one hell of a cycling adventure.

Bikepacking the Iron Curtain: A ride through European history

Join Markus Stitz as he bikepacks through history on the Iron Curtain Gravel Trail.

From The Service Course: Tajikistan - The Not Knowing

Wild, remote, unforgiving. The roads of Tajikistan are known for the ancient silk trade, but for Christian and Peter, this trip was about...

Colin Strickland's New Frontiers

In the lateset episode of Wahoo's Frontiers series, Colin Strickland talks about racing Red Hook, winning Unbound Gravel, and is quite ca...

Video: "I mean, what is gravel?"

Gravel riding means something different to everyone, and this video does a pretty great job at showing the convergence of cycling backgro...

Unhurried: The joy of slowing down

Markus Stitz is an Edinburgh-based filmmaker, photographer, writer, and the founder of Bikepacking Scotland. You might recall the two pre...

Gravel bikes were not meant to be ridden like this

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put an enduro rider, decked out in lycra, on a gravel bike? Well, evidently the answer is...

Svein Tuft and Christian Meier, still connected

Christian Meier and Sven Tuft first met in 2005 when Christian was invited to join Canadian Continental Team Symmetrics as a junior, and ...

How to bikepack across dangerous countries

If you've spent any time at CyclingTips over the past few years you've probably come across Alee Denham's videos. Through his CyclingAbou...

Sarah Sturm is badass. Here's why

The measurement of success for athletes of all levels is oftentimes determined by the results in a race or a challenge. What is often mis...