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A ride between resting places

Death and disaster, fascism and farting – all on the road to the end of the world.

The VAM Challenge: How fast can you ride 1,000 m of vertical gain?

A new riding challenge born of lockdowns.

Sometimes you just need to go for a really long bike ride

In her latest column, Gracie Elvin shares the story of her longest ride ever - one that offered some much needed perspective.

I always forget to ride when I need it the most

You know in those old-timey movies where there’s a barrel of gunpowder and the fuse?

A ride of loss, love, and longing among the mountain ash

In the lush rainforest of the Dandenong Ranges, Peter Foot was able to gain some much-needed perspective.

The highest climb of the 2021 Tour de France is a monster

On stage 15 of the 2021 Tour de France, the peloton will tackle the highest road in the Pyrenees. As Peter English writes, the climb is f...

The austere beauty of winter cycling

Most people avoid riding in the depths of winter. Those that venture out can be handsomely rewarded.

The app that adds adventure to your everyday cycling

There's a perverse joy in being caught off-guard by something so unrideable.

The flightless bird that inspired my off-the-couch 120 km gran fondo

Nothing else can give you this unbelievable high. All those good vibes, all the good feelings, the good memories, they all come back.

Bikepacking the Iron Curtain: A ride through European history

Join Markus Stitz as he bikepacks through history on the Iron Curtain Gravel Trail.

Unhurried: The joy of slowing down

Markus Stitz is an Edinburgh-based filmmaker, photographer, writer, and the founder of Bikepacking Scotland. You might recall the two pre...

What you missed at the Paris-Roubaix that never happened

There's no race as ardently mythologised as Paris-Roubaix. Raced through the working-class heartland of France on narrow farming roads an...

Video: Bikepacking for conservation in Colombia

In February 2020, ultra-endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox, adventure rider Joe Cruz, and filmmaker Rugile Kaladyte traveled to the Colombian ...

Ride to the race: Ultracycling becomes our climate conscience

GBDuro sees riders traverse the length of Great Britain following a 2,000 km route from the island's toe to tip. It is run by The Racing ...

How to make the most of your cycling during stage 4 lockdown

As of Sunday August 2, Melbourne is in six weeks of stage 4 lockdown to help fight the spread of coronavirus. Among the new restrictions:...

How to find the optimal cycling route

Here’s a thought experiment for you. Say you went out and rode every street in your suburb. What would the distance of that ride be? What...

Ted King's ridiculous 23-hour gravel ride across an entire state

Three weeks ago, on a damp night on the Canadian border of Vermont, Ted King set off for a very big bike ride. With a chipper ‘ciao’, the...

A balancing act, a wallaby, and a ride into the light

There’s a wedge of bush – a kind of island in suburbia – running over a freeway tunnel near my house, crowded with dense scrub and cut by...

The space between us: Chasing distance in the wilds of western Scotland

Markus Stitz is an Edinburgh-based filmmaker, photographer, writer, and the founder of Bikepacking Scotland. You might remember his inspi...

Forget Everesting, this is quite the opposite

There's a stretch of gravel road that points straight through Eastern plains of Colorado, aimed at Kansas like an arrow. It doesn't bend ...

Holidays at home: Coronavirus stole my job but changed me for the better

Coronavirus has made life difficult for many people across a range of industries, cycling commentators included. With no bike races for m...