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Hors Course stage 5: Very expensive jam

Also the longest stage of the Tour de France Femmes.

The weirder stories we didn't get around to telling this Tour de France

A few anecdotes and golden one-liners we've heard over the past three weeks of racing.

Reviewed: the Official Coffee of the Tour de France

Is it quick? No. Is it convenient? No. But does it taste good? Also no.

You can keep your handshake, the 5am phone call is the image of the Tour

Hi Tadej do you want picking up in the morning pal.

In search of the real @tadejpogacar

It is happening again.

The probably untrue story of Pierre Rolland's unbridled French patriotism

Did Rolland's heart rate surge when he saw a French flag by the roadside?

Meet the flat-Earther looking to replace Didi the Devil at the Tour de France

If you come for the devil, you better not miss.

I once spent three hours riding up Alpe d'Huez

The real kicker? I spent almost as much time lying by the side of the road waiting to die as I did on my bike.

A moment of appreciation for a Very Good Boy at the Tour de France

Meet Petrus, Arkea-Samsic's unofficial team mascot.

Cobbles done differently: A cycling community rattles back to life

What we lost and what we always had.

Wimbledon revelation Cameron Norrie has cycled through to the semi-finals

"I don't even have a car," says the new darling of British tennis, who rides to his matches at Wimbledon.

Meet Copenhagen's cycling chef, a new meaning to meals on wheels

For two decades, Morten Kryger has been combining his city, cycling and cuisine into a ride to remember.

Tadej Pogačar is back in the rap game

Is it good? Not exactly. But we love to see it.

Dear Remco: A mascot's manifesto for his favourite cyclist

What does the fox say? Finally, we have an answer.

Collision course: The rogue photographer and the Tour de France stage winner

This is Giuseppe Guerini, 23 years ago. He is about to crash into a fan taking his photo.

Julian Alaphilippe wants to play Monopoly with you

But something feels wrong.

How to make cycling better for everyone: A Muslim perspective on inclusivity

Can we do a better job of accepting and supporting fellow cyclists, no matter their background?

How a bamboo bike ride became an international diplomatic moment

The bikes, background and symbolism behind a political pedal.