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The weirder stories we didn't get around to telling this Tour de France

A few anecdotes and golden one-liners we've heard over the past three weeks of racing.

You can keep your handshake, the 5am phone call is the image of the Tour

Hi Tadej do you want picking up in the morning pal.

I once spent three hours riding up Alpe d'Huez

The real kicker? I spent almost as much time lying by the side of the road waiting to die as I did on my bike.

Tadej Pogačar is back in the rap game

Is it good? Not exactly. But we love to see it.

You too can wear the official underwear of the Giro d’Italia

But what does "official underwear of the 2022 Giro d’Italia" actually mean?

The quiet indignity of the pro cyclist GIF

Or, 10 cyclists grappling with the off-bike demands of their job.

Well, I guess I'm dating Sepp Kuss now

Jumbo-Visma has a fan quiz that asks questions you never wanted to answer, with results that you may not expect.

Best of 2021: We tried to get scammed by Peter Sagan

... with a pair of off-brand Air Jordan basketball shoes.

Is this the best e-bike advert yet?

This nine-minute-long commercial is quite brilliant.

Remco Evenepoel will have a pizza named after him

"A recipe without meat and with lots of vegetables that our new face also likes."

Is Cofidis a team of vampires?

The French cycling team is in the crosshairs of the memelords, who are adamant that #cofidisisvampires.

Démare sprints to victory in Valencia, Díaz takes the GC lead in Turkey: Daily News

Thursday saw a lead change at the Tour of Turkey, while the sprinters battled for the stage 2 win at at the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana.

This saw-wheel-equipped bike is snow joke

A man, a budget mountain bike, a frozen lake, and too much time on his hands.

The beer Remco didn't drink

It’s a sunny day in Belgium, and the great hope of Belgian cycling stands outside, leaning artfully in a team T-shirt against the wall of...

Best of 2019: Embarrassingly outdated bike ‘works just fine’, ‘still shreds’

An embarrassingly outdated cyclocross bike from eight years ago “works just fine”, despite its lack of electronics and hydraulics, primit...

We asked AI to write about cycling – here's what happened

Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming for our jobs. That might sound like the fearmongering of a nervous luddite, but it’s probably not ...

Embarrassed Prudhomme suddenly realizes he forgot to schedule the other 20 stages of La Course

This week, the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) announced the route of the 2020 Tour de France. Tucked away in a corner of the presentatio...

The best of the Lion King: Mario Cipollini's greatest hits

There aren't many professional cyclists that grab the headlines in the way that Mario Cipollini did, and still continues to do more than ...

Lisa's Mum on mechanical doping and a whole new level of committing to the rut

Lisa Jacobs is a three-time Australian cyclocross champion, a lawyer and an all round nice person that helps set the tone for a welcoming...

How to take great photos of your bike

We all love looking at photos of beautiful bikes -- after all, ogling a stunning frame is the next best thing to actually being out ridin...

"When I was racing in Europe" - 10 ways to spot a fake ex-pro

You probably know the sort of person this article is about. That guy or girl (but, let's be honest, it's normally a guy) on the local clu...