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How to corner

Cornering fast feels great and improving how you corner will have benefits whatever cycling you do. Whether you ride sportives, race on the road, or commute to work, learning how to take corners like a pro will help you to ride safely and quickly. Daniel Lloyd and Simon Richardson, both ex-professionals, share their pro-tips on …


War on our roads?

Last evening Australian television show Sunday Night aired a segment called “War on our roads”. If you haven’t seen it, here it is. What are your thoughts? Did Sunday Night do a good job at representing this “war”?


Improving Cycling Aerodynamics – Inside Line

To go as fast as possible, professional cyclists attempt to be as aerodynamic as possible. Their positions on the bike, clothing, helmets and the bikes themselves all take aerodynamics into account. Cervélo are at the forefront of aerodynamic bicycle design. Here, Phil White, Cérvelo co-founder discusses how aerodynamics are integrated into Cérvelo’s designs and what …

Cheetah: The Nelson Vails Story trailer

“Cheetah: The Nelson Vails Story” is new documentary about Nelson Vail’s triumphant life story. Nelson Vails’ story is a triumph over almost insurmountable odds. Nelson was the youngest of 10 children growing up in the Harlem projects and worked as a New York City bicycle messenger to support his family. Nicknamed “The Cheetah” because he …


How to attack and create a breakaway

There’s basically two ways to win a bike race – by attacking and winning from a small bunch (or solo), or in a sprint finish. Only a select few of us will mix it up in the bunch sprints, so the rest of us need to learn the art of attacking to create a breakaway …

Helicopter blows riders off the road

Mikel Landa (Euskaltel-Euskadi), Paolo Tiralongo (Astana) and another rider were blown off the road by the downdraft of the helicopter near the finish of Stage 5 of the Vuelta a Burgos. The incident occurred when the riders  tried to contact the head of the race with only a few kilometers to finish of the climb.  They were soon moving again, …


Rider vs bike: which makes the biggest difference?

What advantages do highly sophisticated racing machines give the cycling pros? To find out The Guardian newspaper in the UK put a journalist on a £6,000 Tour de France bicycle against elite national-level rider Iain Cook on a variety of less advanced machines, including a Dutch shopping bike and a London hire bike. Who will …


What Is Carbon Fiber? Inside Line With Cervélo

Frames, wheels, groupsets, handlebars and stems have all been made from carbon fiber for years. However, there’s much more thought and engineering than one might imagine. Phil takes us through the complex nature of carbon fiber and how he and his team at Cervélo optimise it for their frames.

Les Alpes Project: 666 Kilometers and 17 Mountain Passes

On August 5th Mike Cotty will attempt a personal challenge to ride non-stop through the heart of the French Alps from Evian Les Bains to Nice, a distance of 666 kilometers with 17 mountain passes with over 16,000 metres of elevation and five cols over 2,000 meters.The ride is comparable to four back to back …


The truth about dishonesty

A couple days ago I wrote my opinion on Stuart O’Grady’s admission to doping, and upon reflection I would have said it much differently (it’s the last time I write about such a controversial topic during a 15 minute layover in HK airport!). In any case it was an interesting discussion and one reader left …


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