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Lance Armstrong interviewed by Joe Rogan

Armstrong appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” in a refreshingly honest conversation about the story we’ve all heard before.


The Giro della Donna – this is why we ride

On November 22, 2015, passionate cyclists from all over Australia and beyond joined us in the inaugural Giro della Donna. It wasn’t a race, it wasn’t a gran fondo – it was a celebration of cycling around one of the most spectacular and challenging loops in Australia. I think it’s safe to say that the …


How to wear a cycling cap? Team Giant Alpecin shows you…

How to wear a cycling cap? Listen to team Giant-Alpecin riders Luka Mezgec, John Degenkolb and Warren Barguil on the secrets and traditions of wearing the cycling cap. This simple garment, beautifully marrying form and function, has never gone out of style. Cap, biretta, petje, casquette…whatever you want to call it, there’s many ways to …


Highlights from the inaugural Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain

Bicycle Network’s Peaks Challenge series began in 2010 with the 3 Peaks Challenge in Victoria. Five years later, 3 Peaks has become Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, and two further events have been added to the series: Peaks Challenge Gold Coast, held back in August, and Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain, held earlier this month. So, how …


Who is the worst roommate in the professional peloton?

The inside of a hotel room is a sanctuary for professional cyclists. It’s a team HQ that changes daily, a place where they can get away from the throb of a race, and a place where recovery and entertainment takes place. It’s also a place where riders need to get on with one another as, …


Adam Phelan’s Video Diary: The Road to Abu Dhabi

Throughout the 2015 season Drapac Professional Cycling’s Adam Phelan has been putting together great little videos from his time spent travelling and racing around the world. In his latest video and the accompanying article, Adam shares his experience from the inaugural Abu Dhabi Tour, an event that attracted attention as much for its blisteringly hot …


Join us for the inaugral Giro della Donna gran fondo…

The CyclingTips team invites you to join us on Sunday November 22, 2015, at 7:00am for the inaugural Giro della Donna Gran Fondo. For more information and to register, click here.

Adam Phelan’s Video Diary: Lessons in the WorldTour

Life as a professional cyclist might appear glamorous from the outside – travelling the world, getting paid to ride a bike – but the reality is often far less appealing. Dirty hotel rooms, time spent away from loved ones, constant fatigue, not to mention the pressure to perform — it can be a challenging existence. …


How to heckle cyclists

We cyclists are used to copping abuse from drivers while out riding but very rarely does that abuse have the intended effect: forcing the cyclist off the road. Neil van der Ploeg from Avanti Racing has some tips to make your heckling count and get inside the cyclist’s head.


Iceland in 10 Days

Four degrees Celsius in the middle of summer. Perpetual daylight that makes it difficult to sleep. Constant rain. Backpacks full of heavy camera equipment. Niggling injuries. Jason Stirling and David Fletcher from NorthSouth faced no shortage of challenges as they made their way around Iceland over the course of two weeks. And yet the story …

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