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Here's what a Quadruple Everesting does to the body and mind

One Everesting is hard enough. Four in a row? Extraordinary. Here's what it's like.

How cyclists respond to bad weather: Lessons learnt from 100 million rides

Data taken from 40 bike share schemes around the world paints an interesting picture of our willingness to brave the elements.

A do-it-yourself guide to fitting cycling cleats

Getting your cleat placement right is important to avoid strain and injury.

Will the break survive? Chapatte’s Law might have the answer

Commentators often talk about the break needing one minute per 10 km. But is it that simple?

Former pro Nikki Brammeier on cycling’s unhealthy obsession with weight

During Eating Disorder Awareness Week Nikki Brammeier opened up about her experiences in professional cycling.

Checkmate: How one rider turned two seemingly doomed attacks into a victory at E3

Kasper Asgreen won the E3 Saxo Bank classic with two solo attacks, but was it all about the watts?

How to clean your cycling water bottles

Dishwasher or handwash? And how often should you clean them?

Roundabouts suck for cyclists: here's why

Roundabouts are great for making the roads safer for motorists. For cyclists? Not so much.

I flicked the light switch on an eating disorder

I’m Mike. I write the CyclingTips social media posts you read every day, and I have an eating disorder

Rough ride: Whole-body vibrations might be worse for you than you think

If you’ve ever ridden a particularly rough section of tarmac or taken a road bike onto terrain it wasn’t designed for, you’ll know how un...

Espresso a day keeps the death away

New study suggests cycling's coffee culture might help us live longer.

Can heat acclimation really improve endurance performance?

In a recent CyclingTips article sport scientist and cycling coach Dr Jason Boynton discussed how to optimize indoor training by manipulat...

How to train with purpose during lockdown

The world continues to struggle through the coronavirus pandemic and what a rollercoaster it's proven to be. For months my social media f...

How to watch the Tour by bike: A Shoddy guide

I've put together this post in the hope that you'll be able to use it next year. Actually, it's something I'm not just hoping for, I am p...

TDF Power Analysis: Pogacar's Peyresourde attacks and new climbing record

“Tomorrow we fight again! Tour is not finished, vamos” - Tadej Pogacar Tadej Pogacar was one of the several riders to lose to time on sta...

TDF power analysis: Neilson Powless' breakaway lessons learned

Alexey Lutsenko of Astana Pro Team won stage 6 at the Tour de France but today’s power analysis focuses on the birthday boy himself, Neil...

How to make the most of your cycling during stage 4 lockdown

As of Sunday August 2, Melbourne is in six weeks of stage 4 lockdown to help fight the spread of coronavirus. Among the new restrictions:...

Close passes keep happening – here's what we know about why

Any cyclist who’s spent time riding on the road will know the horror of a close pass. That terrifying rush of wind, the car mirror that s...

Speed wobbles: How they start and how to stop them

You finish climbing, crest the hill, then start flying down the other side. And then, out of nowhere, it happens. You’re not riding reckl...

Home made energy food: The good, the bad and the sickly

Let's face it, being a cyclist isn't cheap. Don't get me wrong, it can be. But once you're in at the deep end, got that bug and seen what...