Cycling and Type 1 Diabetes: how the pros manage

Ride, eat, sleep, repeat. That’s how many of us would love to live. The freedom to ride (or race) our bike whenever we want, to eat what we want (within reason) and to get a good night’s sleep before doing it all again. Sure, there are family commitments, work and other demands on our time. …


Cycling and concussion: is it time to stop ignoring the dangers?

In the early kilometres of Sunday’s crash-marred Tour of Flanders Orica-GreenEDGE’s Luke Durbridge got caught behind a pile-up and crashed himself, landing on his back and his head. He was taken to hospital with concussion. Just a couple weeks earlier, at E3 Harelbeke, Durbridge’s Canadian teammate Svein Tuft was involved in a pile-up that saw …


Attitudes To Nutrition, Weight, Health and Performance

Some of you may recall an article I wrote last year, looking at the potential problems encountered when cyclists become over-obsessed with weight loss. The consequences of extremely restrictive dieting begin with poor performance but can end in long-term physical and mental health problems. My observations amongst the peloton in Australia is that weight loss …


Sun Smart

Growing up in Canada there wasn’t a huge deal made about sun protection. We’re fully covered for 8 months of the year and the UV index rarely rose to 12. However, the sun is different here in Australia and even at cooler temperatures it can sizzle the skin. With the weather starting to stabilise and …


The lost sole: why cyclists should pay more attention to their feet

All too often we forget about our feet. The only time we ever notice them are when they fail and start to cause us pain. But there may be some simple solutions to eliminate pain – not only in the feet, but elsewhere too – and also improve your power. Let us examine the foot …


How To Deal With Road Rash

It’s said that you’re not a real cyclist until you’ve had at least 10 crashes. Many stories can be told by our tattooed elbows, hips and knees. I’ve written about the subject of dressing road rash before and I’m proud to say that I’m far from being an expert on this topic. I’m the luckiest …


Do Compression Garments Really Work?

I’ve been a fan of compression garments for a couple of years now. Whether or not they actually perform the function that’s declared has always been a lingering question in my mind. Are compression garments as effective as the Power Balance Band? Or will they really improve performance and accelerate muscle repair as claimed? I should state …


Saddle Sores – A Pain In The Arse

A few days ago I received an informative and funny post from Rodney Ecclestone, one of the members of the Sydney Uni Velo Club. I routinely spotted this mob lurking around the streets of Adelaide during the Tour Down Under. Aside from LAY-oh-pard and SKY, they had one of the best looking kits out on …


Trust Your Gut

What a weekend it was. On Friday evening, parts of Melbourne got a very small taste of what Queensland and other areas of Australia experienced through the massive flooding and cyclone Yasi. I don’t mean to make light of the destruction that other Australians have endured as we only saw of the tail end of …


Q&A With Dr. Andre La Gerche

I have to thank Dr La Gerche for writing an excellent post yesterday . It also raised some interesting questions and discussion from some of you readers. Andre took the time to answer and discuss some of the comments and sent them through to me. I thought it warranted a post of it’s own.


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