Trust Your Gut

What a weekend it was. On Friday evening, parts of Melbourne got a very small taste of what Queensland and other areas of Australia experienced through the massive flooding and cyclone Yasi. I don’t mean to make light of the destruction that other Australians have endured as we only saw of the tail end of …


Q&A With Dr. Andre La Gerche

I have to thank Dr La Gerche for writing an excellent post yesterday . It also raised some interesting questions and discussion from some of you readers. Andre took the time to answer and discuss some of the comments and sent them through to me. I thought it warranted a post of it’s own.


Exercise is good for the heart… but is there a limit?

There is no doubt that moderate exercise is good for you.  Exercise reduces your risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and some cancers.  The promotion of exercise as a positive and powerful health intervention has never been more important given the explosive increase that we are seeing in disease states which are related to under-activity …


Dealing with Cycling Road Rash

Stinging showers and wounds sticking to the sheets waking you up in agony. Sound familiar? Fortunately I haven’t had to deal with too many crashes throughout my cycling career. Therefore I’m happy to say that I’m no expert on dealing with road rash. I am, however, familiar with the pain of crashes and have developed …


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