Inside line: Tiff Cromwell’s nationals road race

The 2014 Australian national road race championships came down to a sprint finish between a select group of nine riders in a hard fought battle around Buninyong. Specialized-Lululemon’s new Australian recruit and pre-race favoruite Tiffany Cromwell was at the pointy end of the field all day and filed this report.


Golden Rules Of Crit Racing

I don’t usually re-post old material but since: (1) I’m very busy today; (2) Summer crits begin this weekend, and; (3) Nearly all of Australia seems to be on vacation this week, I’ve decided a re-post “Golden Rules of Crit Racing” along with a few additions at the end. Have a great weekend and good …


Golden Rules of Road Racing

The seasons have changed and Australian cycling calendar is again in sync with the rest of the world. Road racing season is now upon us and it’s a good time to dissect the way this type of racing works and some of the tactics involved. Bicycle racing is a sport of patience. Racing is licking …


Breakaway Strategies

Okay, so after a flurry of attacks you’ve finally managed to get in the breakaway move that sticks. Now what? The common school of thought is to ride as hard as you can and get as big of a gap as possible. Is that all there is to it?


Anatomy of the Leadout With Mark Renshaw

Mario Cipollini was the first to master the leadout train to win an enormous amount of sprint finishes. Giovanni Lombardi is often credited as being one of the best leadout men back in the day for sprinters such as Cipollini and Zabel. Before Cipollini there was Jean-Paul Van Poppel who had a good leadout train …


Turning Around Negative Racing

One complaint I often hear about Masters racing is that it’s negative. In my limited experience with racing against the old codgers, I couldn’t agree more. In less than a month I’ll be racing at the Tour of Bright in the Masters category. I’m the first one to admit that I’m not getting any younger or …


What Was I Thinking?

Photo by James Broadway A reader who left a comment yesterday gave me a good idea for a post.  He wanted to know what I’m thinking during a race. It’s a good question because I clearly remember a time when I was doing absolutely nothing during a race except for holding on for dear life. …


The Art Of The Counter Attack

I learned the art of the counter-attack from my teammate Duncan Smith. He’s the master of reading the race and hitting the bunch at the right time.  Photo by Leigh Schilling. Do you ever wonder how some guys have all the luck when they attack and the bunch just sits there looking dumbly at each …


Philip Island TIPS

photo Veeral Patel This past Saturday was the Degani Philip Island Grand Prix.  It’s my first race back in over a month and it felt good to get some intensity back in the legs.  Getting back into racing also reminded me of many little tips that I thought I’d pass on for some of the …



Photo by Leigh Schilling Blocking is a race strategy you may have heard of before.   It involves riders with the same interests moving up to the front of the main field while they have a teammate ahead in a break.  The riders at the front will disrupt the pace so that the breakaway has a …


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