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New Strava update makes big changes to layout, organization, and navigation

More than just a modest refresh, the latest update offers some real functional improvements.

Bastion is now making forks and cockpits from 3D-printed titanium and carbon

3D-printed titanium and carbon tube construction allows for customisable fit and fork rake.

Oakley's new Kato and the inevitability of ugly turning cool

Are they ugly? Yes. Are they destined to be cool? Also yes.

Colnago's latest release is ultra lightweight, limited to one

Colnago is auctioning off a unique bicycle. Sort of.

Revamped Bontrager Circuit road shoes cost less, add comfort and performance

New laminated upper materials, a sturdier hold, and better ventilation than the previous version.

Canyon announces new Speedmax Disc TT bike

Canyon has unveiled its new UCI legal time trial bike, but is it an indication of how limited designers are by UCI regulations?

A sub-4 kg road bike for everyday use? Berk Composites says so

Is this the lightest practical "every day" road bike ever made?

Cotic's new Tonic titanium gravel bike is oh-so-shiny

Only 32 limited-edition models to be made in 2021 with a gleaming polished finish.

Vittoria purchases legendary tubular brand A. Dugast

Pending technology transfer should yield some really interesting new clinchers and tubulars.

Real-world aero testing: which hand positions are fastest?

Hand position and handlebar width have been hot topics in recent times, but how much performance benefit can be found by moving your hand...

Allied Cycle Works launches GRAX: chain lube optimised for gravel

A new drip chain lube that comes with some lofty claims.

Spotlight: Arundel Sport bottle cage review

A plastic bottle cage that's inspired by a beloved carbon model.

SKS Bluemels Reflective mudguards review: Splash-free, flash-free

A full length reflective fender with clearance for gravel tyres from the German mudguard magnate.

Pedro’s overhauls its popular tools for 2021

Fresh hex keys, chain keepers, home mechanic tool kits, and more.

Exclusive: First the chain, now the sprocket – New Motion Labs are at it again

Remember that chain? New Motion Labs are at it again with a redesign of the sprocket.

Spotted: A new Cannondale TT rig or aero bike in disguise?

Is this Cannondale's new time trial bike or a fresh aero road bike in disguise?

ZwiftHub lives on – last-minute acquisition saves the Zwift app

Zwift Insider has acquired the popular web-based Zwift-tracking app.

The time of tubulars is coming to an end

It mightn't be long until even seasoned pro mechanics can barely remember the smell of tubular glue.

Roval unveils new, cheaper, and still tubeless Rapide C38 wheelset

Roval has updated its popular C38, but the major change is the drop in the price tag.

Want to back CeramicSpeed's Driven shaft-drive concept? Now you can

The shifting shaft-drive concept has now split off as a standalone entity and is seeking seed funding.

Tubolito’s new PSENS inner tube tells you how much air is in your tires

The same claimed performance benefits, now with an embedded NFC wireless pressure sensor inside.