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The best balance bikes for 2022: seven bikes reviewed

With the assistance of a three-year-old, we put a bunch of bikes to the test.

10 products I loved in 2021: Iain Treloar

From music to mudguards, gravel tyres to $10 racks, these are the things that stuck with me this year.

Kask Wasabi helmet review: All-weather versatility with an aero bonus

The sliding vent is more effective and way easier to use than the old Infinito.

Your complete guide to buying a balance bike

Follow this checklist to make sure you get the best bike for your little one.

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Shoddy looks back at his favourite products from a hectic year.

This 'unrideable' bike shows how cycling actually works

An entertaining and informative explanation of steering and balance.

The headset that won't die? CeramicSpeed rolls out SLT bearings

CeramicSpeed brings its solid lube bearings to headsets and suspension pivots with claims of lab-test-defying durability.

Specialized Power Pro Elaston with Mimic saddle review

Just like a regular Power saddle, but softer.

10 products I loved in 2021: Ronan Mc Laughlin

Fast, slow, fast, slow. Confused? I seem to be.

Felt Bicycles acquired by parent of KTM motorcycles

Felt Bicycles is now under the same ownership as Husqvarna, R Raymon, and GasGas e-bikes.

Rapha founder Simon Mottram to step down as CEO

17 years after establishing the influential clothing brand, Mottram is handing over the reins.

2022 Trek Madone SL 7 eTap review: Speedy and comfy, but seriously heavy

Unusually good ride quality and the handling is brilliant, but it’s hard not to notice the heft when you point it uphill.

10 products I loved in 2021: Dave Rome

Take my money! Oh wait, these products already have.

Blood, sweat, and tears custom Nike Air Force x Cavendish

The Shoe Dr unveils custom trainers to celebrate Cav's 34 TDF stage wins.

Lightweight's lightweight 1230g Obermayer Evo disc wheelset

Lightweight's new lightweight wheel is not the lightest Lightweight lightweight wheel, but it is light and probably expensive.

Zwift's Neokyo city is open for visitors

This expansion of the Makuri Islands region offers eight new routes with 21 km of new roads.

45NRTH Ragnarok Tall winter shoe review: Warmer than expected, but a sloppy fit

There’s enough insulation for most, though the high volume and wide heel cup makes for a vague feel on the bike.

Specialized Diverge Expert E5 Evo review: Fun, not that fast, with flat bars

The flat bars are polarizing, but the dedicated geometry makes the most of it.

Silca's $85 3D-printed MTB cleats: 90 kg saving per leg?

Marginal gains, weight savings, hefty price tags: Silca take on the MTB cleat.

Fast, frenetic, and a whole lot of fun: Riders Republic videogame review

An exhilarating ride through a stunningly beautiful game world, with plenty of challenge along the way.

Bikes of the Bunch: Low Bicycles LK All-road

VeloClub member Jono Mitchell was riding more and more gravel and wanted a bike to suit.