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That radically original British Cycling track bike might not be so original

Patent docs dating back to 2016 bear striking resemblance to the Team GB Lotus x Hope machine.

Hope GB track bike ventures outdoors with gears and integrated disc brakes

Hope brings it flared forks and stays design to the road with TT bike production planned for next year.

The AU$2,900 latex skinsuit New Zealand is using at the Tokyo Olympics

A relaxed UCI rule meant Champion System could bring back some of its old tech to make its riders faster.

Selle Italia Model X Green Superflow saddle review: Only $50, rides like $200

It looks and rides far better than its modest cost would suggest, and is made without adhesives or polyurethanes.

Bastion confirms its handlebar was responsible for Aussie team pursuit crash

The handlebar seems to have been made by Bastion Cycles. But questions remain.

Parcours Alta gravel wheelset review: An enjoyable year in all conditions

This reasonably priced, impressively light gravel wheelset has a lot going for it. But is it all upside?

Denmark's pursuit shin tape: UCI rule loophole or team-wide shin injury?

All four Danish riders in the team pursuit had identical strips of kinesio tape on their shins, but are these similar niggles or UCI rule...

How to 3D-print titanium with Bastion Cycles

A look behind the curtain at how a computer sketch becomes a rideable bicycle.

Vittoria announces limited edition L'Eroica by A.Dugast tyres

Vittoria and A.Dugast unveil a limited edition numbered and initialled tan side wall tubulars to celebrate their partnership and L'Eroica.

A deep dive into Team GB’s radical new track bike: All in for 2%

British Cycling debuted a groundbreaking track bike back in November 2019 in its bid for Olympic glory in Tokyo, Japan. Without a doubt, ...

Muc-Off's new powdered bike wash is plastic-free and BYO-water

A 30 g compostable sachet of cleaning powder makes 1 litre of bike wash.

Adidas brings 3D-printing to sunglasses with limited-edition 3D CMPT

Cutting-edge manufacturing with a price to match.

Review: The best bicycle tyre inflators to use with an air compressor

Got an air compressor? Learn what inflator is best with eight reviewed plus some DIY ideas.

Core body temperature: the metric and sensor behind two Olympic gold medals?

Why core temperature and heat training are hot topics in pro cycling right now.

Alleged multi-million dollar ponzi scheme targeted purchase of De Rosa and Limar

Multiple well-regarded Italian cycling brands were unwittingly ensnared in a securities fraud involving a US investment fund.

Ibis Cycles releases the Exie, a US-made cross country race bike

By our count this is Ibis's first true cross country full suspension machine in over two decades.

What’s going on with Jolanda Neff’s down tube?

A quick explanation of the wavy shape seen on the Olympic race-winner's bike.

The LoreOne is the world’s first custom 3D-printed carbon cycling shoe

They're also eye-wateringly expensive and look like a sandal from space.

A guide to air compressors for bicycles

A great addition to the home workshop, an air compressor assists with cleaning and inflating.

Elite's new Rizer brings inclines, declines, and steering to indoor training

Elite's gradient simulator brings added realism to virtual riding.

Here are the motor doping methods Pogačar isn't using and why

With dominant displays come accusations and questions. We delve into whether any of the motor doping accusations have any merit.