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Counterfeits, fraud, and theft: Why Silca changed its return policy 

An in-depth Q&A with owner Josh Poertner about the real challenges brands and retailers face in an e-comm world.

Shimano has sold off Pearl Izumi

United Sports Brands (USB) has acquired the brand.

Specialized’s founder Mike Sinyard steps down as CEO, appoints former Dyson executive

After 48 years at the helm, Sinyard is taking a chairman role.

Australian industry news: Pushys acquires Bikebug

The two rival Aussie e-commerce giants are now on the same team.

€10 million worth of bike parts stolen in Shimano heist

If ongoing supply chain constraints weren’t enough, organised crime is now targeting the cycling industry. 

Specialized is going consumer-direct for complete bikes

New “Rider Direct” program offers the option of boxed bikes showing up right on your doorstep.

Felt Bicycles acquired by parent of KTM motorcycles

Felt Bicycles is now under the same ownership as Husqvarna, R Raymon, and GasGas e-bikes.

We must work together: Industry leaders' open letter on climate change

CyclingTips amongst signatories of an urgent appeal to the cycling industry to tackle climate change now.

Why Specialized’s Tarmac SL7 recall provides an important lesson

Opinion: Needing a recall isn’t good, but there are positives to such things.

Chris Froome is investing in Factor Bikes – a Q&A with Factor CEO Rob Gitelis

The Factor founder talks new investments, growth plans, and industry bottlenecks.

Rapha's Custom division has been shut down

Rapha said it had "struggled to deliver an experience ... that our customers, local teams and communities expect".

Shimano expands consumer-direct options, but not for components

First Shimano North America, and now Shimano Australia has followed with direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

In the fight against climate change, should bikes be more like cars?

Can the cycling industry become more environmentally friendly, sell more bikes and encourage a circular economy?

Bikes projected to outsell cars in Europe two-to-one by 2030

Three cycling associations this week announced a new forecast for the cycling sector, which showed that Europeans are expected to buy an ...

Canyon eyes future growth as annual sales top €400 million

Today Canyon announced that its co-founder and current CEO, Roman Arnold, is stepping down and will become the chairman of the newly esta...

Cannondale and GT have ditched model years

Cannondale and GT appear to be following the lead of Cervelo and most boutique brands by removing year models from their websites and mov...

Colnago has a new owner

The 66-year-old Colnago brand has been acquired by a privately-held Abu Dhabi investment company, Chimera Investments LLC. According to I...

Boom and doom: Bike shops are in an anxious state of flux right now

While tumbleweeds roll through many major cities in Australia, the nearby suburbs are seemingly a buzz of activity. COVID-19 is changing ...

Zwift lays off senior staff, says it’s a strategic restructure

As recently reported by digital tech website DC Rainmaker, late last week Zwift laid-off a number of senior employees in what’s said to b...

Interview: BicyclesOnline’s founders on Cell bikes, Aldi, and international growth

Australia’s population may only be small, but its cycling industry punches well above the weight of many other, far more populated, marke...

Where have all the women's bikes gone? A look inside an ever-changing market

I had my first experience with the women's specific movement in 2002. “I ride a Trek 6700 WSD,” my 12-year old self would say, smugly, to...