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The forest for the trees in cycling’s supply chain woes: A chat with SRAM's CEO

The imbalance between supply and demand has made it hard to get the bike stuff you want, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Who's riding what: 2022 WorldTour bikes and kit checklist

With a new year comes new kit, bikes, and sponsors for the world's top teams. While 2021 saw a raft of teams switch bike suppliers, in 20...

Best of 2021: The best gear that makes you slower

Watts lost, funs gained. We take a look at all the marginal losses that make for maximal enjoyment gains.

Best of 2021: Dangerholm's custom 7.13 kg Scott Addict gravel is a work of art

Built to be ridden, this gravel race bike is one-of-a-kind.

Best of 2021: An endless FAQ to tubeless bicycle tyres

Everything you need to know (and more) about tubeless tyres, rims, sealant, installation, and riding tubeless.

Best of 2021: Five things I really wish the bike industry would do

My wishlist of things that could promote positive change.

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part three – nice-to-have accessories

The final instalment in the definitive guide to building the best indoor training setup.

JRA with the Angry Asian: Tire brands should tell us how much sealant to use

Tire brands seem content to defer to sealant companies, but no one knows tires better than the companies that made them.

Bikes of the (staff) Bunch: Andy van Bergen's Serk A30 All-Road

CyclingTips's membership manager, the overlord at, and arguably the nicest person we have on staff (a prized and highly com...

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part two – essential accessories

To get the most out of your indoor riding you'll need more than just a smart trainer.

10 products I loved in 2021: Abby Mickey

This year I enjoyed challenging myself with new adventures in fitness.

Gravel bike geometry 101: How trail, stack, and reach affect fit and handling

A geometry chart can tell you a lot about a bike’s fit and handling, but only if you know what the numbers mean.

10 products I loved in 2021: Matt de Neef

For me, 2021 was a year of exploration. That's reflected in the products I most identified with.

10 products I loved in 2021: James Huang

There are a bunch of interesting picks in my list this year, but if I'm being totally honest, all I really care about are the gummy bears.

Pointlessly shift your bike's electronic gears like a manual car

Totally unnecessary but undeniably cool.

How to build your perfect pain cave: Part one – indoor trainers

At the heart of every indoor setup is an indoor trainer. With so many options, how do we know which is the right trainer for us?

10 products I loved in 2021: Caley Fretz

Our editor-in-chief is the latest to share his favourite things from the year that's been.

Bikes of the Bunch: Santa Cruz Highball XC-Gravel bike

Blurring the lines between gravel and XC bikes to conquer Swiss mountains.

The best balance bikes for 2022: seven bikes reviewed

With the assistance of a three-year-old, we put a bunch of bikes to the test.

10 products I loved in 2021: Iain Treloar

From music to mudguards, gravel tyres to $10 racks, these are the things that stuck with me this year.

Your complete guide to buying a balance bike

Follow this checklist to make sure you get the best bike for your little one.