Keeping bike fit when riding isn’t an option

Good fitness requires consistency, but due to travel, work, family, and other time constraints, being able to ride multiple times a week sometimes simply isn’t an option. So, the question becomes, ‘how do I stay fit, when I can’t be on my bike?”. If consistent bike riding isn’t possible, then the goal becomes consistent exercise. Being …

Improve your performance with a proper warmup and cooldown

At this point, many of you have probably pined a number or two to a jersey and raced. By now, you should have a good idea of what you need to take with you in your race bag (if not, click here for a race checklist), and hopefully it’s been at least a little while since someone …


Weekly wisdom: Consistency is the key to success

We all know that to become better at something we need to practice. It seems obvious but to become better a better cyclist, you have to put in the training miles. And to progress in your training, you need to be consistent. During training, you stress your body. After training, during recovery is when the body …

Ride like Evie: tips for racing against the clock

Time trials: a moment of truth and arguably the purest form of cycling. One human against the clock attempting to pedal their bikes as fast as possible against one thing that remains constant – the passage of time. Time trialing requires constant focus and attention and pushing deep into the pain cave. Some people love …

How To Pedal Like A Pro

There is a technique to pedalling efficiently and smoothly, but many people ride without giving it a second thought. In this video, GCN explains how to get the most out of your pedal stroke with a few simple tips from the pros.


Speed Wobble – When The Bike Shakes Its Head

Image by Endless Pedal One of the most frightening experiences a cyclist can encounter is getting up to 70km/hr and experiencing speed wobble (a.k.a “death wobble” or “speed shimmy”) while approaching a corner.  A couple weeks ago when I was chatting to Darren Baum about the geometry of a bike and how it affects handling, the …


Descending Tips

Descending is a skill that’s better learned on the bike than by reading a blog.   However, if there’s one guy who can break it down step by step and teach the art of descending it’s two-time Olympian Rob Crowe. 



A few months ago I did a couple posts on ankling.  You can find them here and here.  Ankling is basically a pedaling technique that recruits different muscles to either produce more power or to give your primary pedaling muscles brief respite. I shot this video to show-off 4 things: 1. My new team kit …


High Speed Cornering Tips

photo by Veeral Patel Crowie has some invaluable tips stored away from his lifelong experience as a pro cyclist.  Most pro’s don’t know how to break down these skills and techniques to teach them properly to cyclists like you and me.  This is why I love listening to Crowie so much.   Here’s some great …


Melbourne to Ballarat – Crosswinds and Number Crunching

Once thing I love about racing here in Australia is the history behind some of these events.  Some of these races have been going on for a hundred years!  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Melbourne to Ballarat Classic Handicap, it’s a race that started in 1908.  I wish I could find …


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