Flying with your bike: tips from a baggage handler

Flying with your bike can be a nerve-wracking experience, particularly if the bike is new and/or you’ve spent a lot of money on it. Will the bike make it to your destination in one piece? And what’s the best option for keeping your bike safe – soft case, hardshell or cardboard box? CyclingTips editor Matt …


Review: Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA Bicycle Travel Case

Traveling with your bike is one of the great joys for avid bicyclists. You get to challenge yourself by riding in new conditions and terrain, experience new and foreign places in a very intimate way, and it’s plain practical as you’ll have your transportation already with you. But the actual traveling bit –the plane, car …


Exploring Cuba by bike

To outsiders, Cuba represents something of an enigma; a country seemingly frozen in time, despite recent advances, and one that promises much to the intrepid traveller. Armed with a single-speed bike, minimal gear, a healthy curiosity and several weeks of freedom, Wade Trevean ventured to Cuba to learn more about the island nation and what …


Welcome to Texas, y’all

“Welcome to Texas, y’all,” one of the flight attendants drawls as the plane touches Austin ground. It’s just past 4pm and I started my travels 10 hours and two time zones ago, at 4am Seattle time. The last three hours were spent trying to block out the crying twin toddlers behind me, and I’m so …


Cycling culture in Chiang Mai (and beyond)

When you think of great cycling cities around the world Thailand’s Chiang Mai probably doesn’t spring to mind. But, as local resident Steve Thomas writes, Chiang Mai has become something of an eastern cycling epicenter in recent years. Steve rides behind the bamboo curtain to show us why, sharing some of his favourite photos of …


Pondering Pokhara

While it’s tempting to travel to Europe to ride the legendary roads and cols there are a lot of other spectacular places in the world to cycle that you won’t see on Eurosport. Sometimes I get caught up in talking about professional cycling, but I think it’s important to remind ourselves that there’s a lot …


100 Cols in 10 Days | The Cent Cols Challenge

Call me insane but my idea of a perfect holiday is one where a challenge is set and by the time I get through to the other side there’s a sense of achievement like no other. I want an experience that I’ve had to earn; something that no beach holiday can provide. I’ve heard lots …


The Scicon Aerocomfort Plus Bike Bag

Lately I’ve found myself much more interested in products that make my cycling life easier, rather than the hi-tech stuff that’s supposedly going to make me go faster.


Tour of Friendship | Stage 5 – Done and Dusted

I can’t believe it’s over already. While I was in another breakaway yeterday it was one of the rare moments in a race that I wishing the stage was longer so it wouldn’t come to an end this soon.


Tour of Friendship | Stage 4. Getting Tired…

Yesterday was another smeltering day with some relatively big climbs. It was my third day in a row in a breakaway for 100km+ and I’m absolutely rooted this morning. Twelve bidons every day and ten gels is getting to be a bit much to stomach. Today’s final stage is a flat 85km roll back into …


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