Video: Tom Zirbel, an American Hour Record

On September 16, 2016, in his final event as a professional cyclist, Rally Cycling’s Tom Zirbel broke the American hour record in Aguascalientes, Mexico. At age 37, Zirbel powered around the Velódromo Bicentenario de Aguascalientes to set a new standard of 53.037 kilometers (32.95 miles). He topped the almost two-decade old record of 51.505km set by Norm …


When things don’t go to plan: A tough day at the Sun Tour with the St. George Continental Team

The back end of the team car loses traction as it slides around a tight right-hand bend. Olympic and Commonwealth Games medalist Brett Dutton is at the wheel, throwing the vehicle down Tawonga Gap in a desperate bid to regain contact with the Jayco Herald Sun Tour convoy. As the St. George Continental Team car …


Video: Behind the scenes of Roadtripping Bali

One of the things we’re most proud of here at CyclingTips is our ongoing Roadtripping series. These long-form feature articles feature stunning photography and stories from our cycling adventures around the world. They’re a lot of work to pull together, but also a whole lot of fun. On our recent Roadtripping adventure to the Indonesian …

Video: Roadtripping the Mawson Trail

Back in June we shared the most recent instalment in our ongoing Roadtripping series: Roadtripping the Mawson Trail. Over the course of six days, three riders rode 900km north from Adelaide into the red vastness of the Australian outback, battling strong winds, poorly maintained gravel roads and impassably sticky mud. You’ve seen Tim Bardsley-Smith’s amazing …


Adam Phelan’s Video Diary: A guide among the chaos

High-speed descents, jostling for position in a final sprint, the very real risk of crashing — road cycling is an undoubtedly dangerous sport. And when it comes to putting yourself in harm’s way for the sake of your team, it’s often a case of placing fear to one side, and simply focusing on the job …

Life on the Tour: CyclingTips 2016 Tour de France Vlog, part 2

Life on the road at the 2016 Tour de France with CyclingTips editors Shane Stokes, Matt de Neef, and David Everett: constantly lost, surviving on bad coffee, and the never-ending search for decent wifi. It’s not glamorous, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!


Video: Marcel Kittel’s 2016 Tour de France custom Specialized Venge Vias

After four field sprints (in six stages) of the 2016 Tour de France, German Marcel Kittel has won and finished second twice aboard this custom-painted Specialized Venge Vias. The idea for the graphics came from CERN’s particle execrator — CERN is the “Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire,”or European Council for Nuclear Research. “I like this bike a lot and …

Life on the Tour: CyclingTips 2016 Tour de France Vlog, part 1

Life on the road at the 2016 Tour de France with CyclingTips editors Shane Stokes, Matt de Neef, and David Everett: adventures, work, Buffalo Grill restaurants, and the never-ending search for good wifi.

Video: Emma’s Peaks Challenge story

Every year in March a couple of thousand cyclists line up for one tough day of riding at Bicycle Network’s Peaks Challenge Falls Creek in Victoria’s alpine region. The 235 kilometre loop with 4,000 metres of ascent starts with a downhill run from Falls Creek then winds its way over Tawonga Gap, goes up to Mt Hotham and finishes with the brutal climb back to Falls Creek. It’s the type of …

Avoid hitting the wall: ways to improve your pacing

Everyone has done it. You get so excited about the ride that you start out too hard only to pay for it later. It is a bit like the old story of the frog that won’t jump out of a pot if the water temperature is gradually increased to boiling – by the time you realise …


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